25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 14


Welcome to Day 14 of the AMB Blog Tour!  We made it past the midpoint yesterday and are ready to embark on the last half of our road trip.  So far, we’ve met some incredibly gifted bloggers who’ve been so kind to share a bit of their local State culture, as well as their quilting expertise.  Like each State in the Union, each blogger is just as unique as the next and has something special to contribute.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of their license plate blocks sewn together into a quilt.  It’s going to be something truly spectacular!  So let’s get on with the day and see what wonders await us!

Time to slather on the sunscreen!  My sixth sense is telling me the future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades!  It must mean that our First Stop of Day 14 will be the Sunshine State.  Contrary to popular belief, although we’re headed to the deep South, this next State is not the southernmost State of the US (we’ll visit that State later, don’t worry).  With all that sunshine that drenches our next destination, it’s no wonder that a pharmacist from a certain beach that begins with a ‘Mi’ and ends with a ‘mi’, invented suntan lotion in 1944 while cooking cocoa butter in a granite coffee pot on the stove.  Another invention to come from this state is Gatorade, developed at a certain popular university in this state, its mascot being the Alligator.  And speaking of alligators, the American Alligator is the official State reptile.  And where there’s alligators, there must be swamps….such as the famous National Park nicknamed The ‘Glades.  If you haven’t guessed already, we’re headed to Florida for our First Stop of Day 14.  Please meet Linda of the blog Flourishing Palms.  Check out her wonderful license plate block creation.


From the Sunshine State, we head west….to the Lone Star State!  Speaking of the sun and stars, what about the moon?  Did you know the first word spoken from the moon on July 20, 1969 was the name of the most populated city in our next State? (It’s also host to the International Quilt Market each year in the Fall).  Home to computer giants Dell and Compaq, our next State is also known as the ‘Silicon Valley of the South.’  Our next State is the prime producer of wool in the United States and is home to the top sheep growing area in the country.  The soft drink Dr Pepper, spelled with no ‘period’ after the ‘r’, was invented in this State in 1885.  This state is also home to a city that’s considered the live music capital of the world.  With more live music venues per capita than such music-centric cities as Nashville, Memphis, Los Angeles, or New York….it makes me feel like singing, “The stars at night are big and bright….deep in the heart of—–(can you finish it?)  Texas!”   Welcome to our Second Stop of Day 14.  I’m excited to introduce you to the prolific quilter, Emily, of The Caffeinated Quilter.


Another fun day on the AMB Blog Tour comes to an end.  Can’t wait to jump back in the car tomorrow and do it all over again, but in a different location.  Rest up, we’ve got a bit of driving to do tomorrow.  See you then!!


Just a reminder:  The Quiltmakers Christmas in July contest is now open!


Head on over to this link to find out more details and enter to win prizes!!




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