25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 15


Happy Friday!  It’s Day 15 and we made it through another week (almost)!!  And we’re about to wrap up Week 3 of the AMB Blog Tour!!  Can you believe after today we will have visited 30 states!??!!  Such troopers we are!! Time to slurp up our coffee and seize the day!

From our last stop in Texas, we’ll head North to the ‘Heartland of America’!  And with good reason for our next State’s nickname, Quaker Oats, the largest cereal company in the world, is based here!  Along with oats, this state is the number one producer of corn & soybeans in the country, as well as the producer of 1/10 of the US’s food supply.  And speaking of  more All-American things, you can count the following famous folks to originate from this State, too:  Johnny Carson, Dear Abby (and Ann Landers, too), Donna Reed, John Wayne, Glenn Miller, and Andy Williams.  And since we’re on a road trip, ever wonder why those campers and motor homes are called Winnebagos?  They’re manufactured in Winnebago County, of course!!  While you’re cruising around in your Winnebago, be sure to tour that ‘Field of Dreams’ and check out ‘The Bridges of Madison County’, too!  And if you guessed the state those movies were filmed in as Iowa, then Congratulations!!!  Welcome to the First Stop of Day 15, and please meet Kathy of the blog, Kindred Quilts , to see what lovely creation was made for their license plate block!

Kindred Quilts

From the ‘amber waves of grain‘ in Iowa to pastures full of black and white….time to ‘mooooooooooo-ve’ on to our next state. For our Second Stop of Day 15, we’re headed to the State that is the nation’s largest producer of, you guessed it, milk!  Besides milk, a few more notably famous things come from this State:  the original Barbie, Harley Davidson motorcycles, the first kindergarten in the US, The Republican Party, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Some of its cities claim to be the ‘Bratwurst Capital of the World’, the ‘Swiss Cheese Capital of the World’, the ‘Inner Tubing Capital of the World’,  and the ‘Snowmobile Capital of the World’.  Zoomin’ right along, if you guessed Wisconsin as our next stop….ice cream sundae for you!  Please meet Lee of the blog, Freshly Pieced, who will show off her talents in her license plate block!


Wow!  It’s crazy to think we’re finished with Week 3!!!  As we zip around the country, time seems to go by faster and faster!  Please check out the AMB Blog Tour itinerary to see where we’ll wind up next week.  See you Monday!




Head on over to this link to find out more details and enter to win prizes!!




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