25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 16


Good morning to all!  Are you ready to kick off week 4 of the AMB Blog Tour!!?  It’s Day 16 and we have 10 more days left of State-hopping on our tour.  With only 2 more weeks left to go, let’s get the show on the road and meet our next batch of talented bloggers!

Leaving our last stop in Wisconsin, we’re westward bound….and on a rush to get to the Golden State!  You’d think with the state motto, ‘Eureka!’ which translates as ‘ I have found it!’ in Greek, that it might be a small state or something, but that’s not true.  In fact, one out of every 8 people in our nation live in this State.  This State’s economy is so large, that it ranks in the top 10 compared to other economies around the world, in fact!!  Maybe it’s all of the wine that is produced in this State (more than 17 million gallons per year) that benefits the economy.  After all, it is known as The Grape State.  Besides grapes, a few cities in this state can claim that they are the Avocado, or Garlic, or Artichoke Capitals of the World.  With all this abundant produce, it’s making me hungry!!  Maybe it’s time to make our First Stop of Day 16 in beautiful California to have some fish tacos and fresh guacamole!!  Please meet our next creative blogger, Joan, of Cali Quilter, and check out her license plate block!

cali quilter

From California, we make our way back East again, to the Land of 10,000 Lakes!  With all those lakes, it’s no wonder our next State has a total of 90,000 miles of shoreline!  That’s more than California, Hawaii, and Florida combined!  No wonder 1/6 of the population in this State owns a recreational boat.  Pleasure-boating aside, you could go mall-walking if that floats your boat.  Try walking the area of 78 football fields, which is the size of  the Mall of America.   If mall-walking isn’t your thing, you could walk the Skyway in one of the largest cities in this State.  The Skyway is 52 blocks (5 miles) of enclosed walkways that make it possible to live, work, eat, and shop without going outside.  The Winters in our next State are a little rough, though!  If you guessed Minnesota as our Second Stop of Day 16, then kudos to you!!  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Mary of the blog, The Curious Quilter, who will show off her lovely license plate block!

curious quilter


We’ve been here, there, and everywhere today on the AMB Blog Tour!  Come back tomorrow to see which States we’ll end up visiting and which lovely bloggers we shall meet!




Head on over to this link to find out more details and enter to win prizes!!




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