25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 24


Welcome to the second to the last day of our AMB Blog Tour, dear friends!!!  It’s Day 24 and we’re about to make our way to the FINAL FOUR States on our trip!  Sooo exciting!!  So while we still have gas in the tank, let’s get a move on it and visit our 2 States for the day before tomorrow’s final day!

The First Stop of Day 24 is quite a Land of Enchantment!  Relics from ancient cultures and civilizations can be found scattered throughout the deserts of this very beautiful State, as well as remnants of the modern atomic space age that have come to build the current industry here.  Three distinctive cultures have collided to create one very unique culture in this State:  from the ancient Native American tribes, to the Spanish, and the Anglos.  This State boasts the highest capital city of any State with an elevation of 7,000 feet above sea level.  It also claims the title of lowest water-to-land ratio of all 50 States.  Lakes and Rivers make up only .002% of the State’s total surface area, and most of the lakes are man-made reservoirs.  In fact, as many as 3/4 of the roads in this State are not paved due to the dry climate– there are no worries of them washing away!  Besides the rich blend of many distinctive cultures, the natural beauty of the rugged, dry deserts, and the abundance of the mining and aerospace industries, there are a few other claims to fame this State has.  Let’s just say it’s got the ‘whole enchilada’…literally!  Every first weekend in October, Las Cruces hosts  the “Whole Enchilada Fiesta”.  And the town of Hatch is known as the “Green Chile capital of the world.”  But in which other state can you find a town called Truth or Consequences?  You guessed it….gorgeous New Mexico!  Let’s welcome our new blogger friend, Dora of the blog, Dora Quilts, and see what fantastic license plate block she has created!

dora quilts

From the Land of Enchantment on to something ‘Grand’ for our Second Stop of Day 24!  Our next State is brimming with natural wonders…too many to count on your hands, in fact!!  The most famous of them all, if you guessed from my clue above, is The Grand Canyon!  Aside from the Grand Canyon, there are more dazzling points of interest located here such as:   Havasu Canyon, Grand Canyon Caves, Lake Powell/Rainbow Bridge, Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, Monument Valley, Sunset Crater, Meteor Crater, Sedona Oak Creek Canyon, Salt River Canyon, Superstition Mountains, Picacho Peak State Park, Saguaro National Park, Chiricahua National Monument, and the Colorado River.  The saguaro cactus blossom is the official state flower and the saguaro is also the largest American cactus.  This State leads the nation in copper production, and the state gemstone is the beautiful turquoise- also found abundantly across the State.   And what other State could claim that the official state neckwear is the bolo tie?  Why Arizona, of course!!  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the very talented Cheryl of  So Many Quilts, So Little Time.  Please visit her blog to see her very beautiful license plate block that really captures the landscape and feeling of her State!

so many quilts so little time

Day 24 down…and one more day to go on our AMB Blog Tour!!!!  After taking in such stunning scenery and natural beauty today, it’s time to get a little rest for our last day’s journey.  Thanks for following along with us– it’s been an adventure and won’t stop until the end of the day 25!  See you tomorrow, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!







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