25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 25- FINAL DAY!


Greetings, road trip devotees!!  We’ve made it to the grand finale of our AMB Blog Tour!!!  First off, A Big THANKS goes out to all of our fantastically talented bloggers!  They’re just as warm, hospitable, and knowledgeable about their respective States as they are so creative, talented, and skilled at making their license plate quilt blocks.  Secondly, another Big THANKS goes out to our blog readers!  We hope you enjoyed this virtual journey across our beautiful country.  Perhaps it has inspired you to go on your own explorations–on the road, or maybe at the sewing machine, using American Made Brand fabrics, of course!   So, without further ado, shall we carry on with the last day of our journey?  ‘North, to the Future,’ is our first State’s motto….so with GPS set, let’s go!

For our First Stop of Day 25, we might have better luck getting around without a car.  Did you know that a major form of transportation in this State is the ferry system? Its routes are called “The Marine Highway System“.  Ferries connect people in many towns that are inaccessible by roads, like the capitol city Juneau and other towns in the southern panhandle, such as Sitka, Wrangell and Ketchikan.  Islands such as Kodiak and the Aleutian Islands rely heavily on the ferries for transportation of people and goods.  Speaking of islands and coasts, This state’s coastline extends over 6,600 miles, and when you superimpose this State’s map over the lower 48 States map, this State extends from coast to coast of the Continental US!!  Our next State even beats Texas in size– it’s over twice the size of it!!  You must have guessed by now that we taking a trip to Alaska!  It’s my pleasure to introduce you to  Marguerita of Quilt As You Go.  She writes books, teaches ingenious quilting methods, and loves traveling in her home State of Alaska.  Please visit her blog to see what crafty license plate block she has created!

quilt as you go marguerita mcmanus


As we depart from the ‘Last Frontier’ State, let’s say ‘Aloha’ to our Second Stop of Day 25.  From east to west, our next State is the widest state in the United States, consisting of 8 main islands that were formed by under-sea volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean thousands of years ago.  Our next State also happens to be the most isolated population center on the planet.  It is 2,390 miles from California; 3,850 miles from Japan; 4,900 miles from China; and 5,280 miles from the Philippines.  Being so isolated from the rest of the world, maybe it’s a good thing that they are the only State in the Nation to produce coffee.  Besides the beautiful island locale, a cup of java is sure to keep the natives happy.  Along with coffee, pineapples and macadamia nuts are also top crops in this State.  And if you haven’t deduced by now….the final stop on the AMB Blog tour is HAWAII!!!!  Please say Aloha to Barbara of Barbara Bieraugel Designs and check out her beautiful license plate block.

hawaii quilt



We DID it!!  Touring all 50 States on the AMB Blog Tour in 25 days was quite a whirlwind, but we learned so much and had a ton of fun along the way.  Landing in Hawaii for our final stop is not a bad place to be…..we definitely could use a little R&R!  Thanks for sticking with us on the tour, we hope you enjoyed it and please keep up with us here at The Works, and at American Made Brands to see the latest and greatest!



4 thoughts on “25 Days of The AMB Blog Tour- Day 25- FINAL DAY!

  1. Thank you for the wonderful tour. I sure enjoyed following along and seeing all the creative license plates. The tour was also informative and I learned some new things about our states. Thank you again.

    • Hi Julia,
      Thank you for keeping up with the tour and so happy you enjoyed learning something new about the beautiful States in our nation!! We are so lucky to have had you as a participant in the tour, as well! Your quilting work is brilliant and reading your blog is so much fun! Many thanks!!

  2. I think my geography concepts have improved (definitely not my best subject), and I enjoyed visiting new bloggers. Thanks for that, and for making AMB.

    • Thanks, Joannna, for following the AMB Blog Tour! We’re so happy it was an equally educational and informative experience. We hope you make something creative using the American Made Brand fabric, too!

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