2014 Western Washington Shop Hop Fun


Being that Clothworks is based in Seattle, WA, each year we, along with fellow Seattle fabric manufacturer In the Beginning, print a new line of fabric that’s used exclusively in our local Shop Hop.


The Western Washington Shop Hop typically occurs around the 3rd weekend each June, beginning on a Wednesday and lasting through Sunday.  For participating shops, the time spent preparing before Shop Hop starts, as well as during the actual Shop Hop, can be a very exciting, if not a bit chaotic, time.  Last week,  here at the Works, we were finishing up the last leg of our whirlwind AMB Blog Tour across the United States to promote American Made Brand fabrics , and now we have some time to catch up.

This year the 2014 Western Washington Shop Hop took place from June 18-22.  If you’re local, perhaps you embarked on your very own road trip those past 5 days, cruising up and down the I-5 corridor, while island-hopping by ferry along the way, to visit the quilt shops on your itinerary!!  And if you were lucky to get it while still in stock, perhaps you purchased some extra 2014 Shop Hop fabric!  So what might you do with this fabric?!

Our friend Barbara of Enchanted Valley Arts has the perfect solution!  She designed a really lovely pattern for a wall-hanging that is seasonally on-trend and captures some of the scenic views of Western Washington.


Entitled, Master Gardener, this 21” square is made using fabric from the 2014 Western Washington Shop Hop.  You can purchase the pattern at Barbara’s website Enchanted Valley Arts, and also watch a video tutorial on how Barbara uses her special techniques to create this beautiful piece of fabric art!

And speaking of art….Barbara is an incredibly gifted artist.  Just check out this watercolor she painted which inspired her to create the Master Gardener pattern!


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