Sneak Peek: Homestead by Nicky Ovitt


Lately here at The Works, we’ve been talking a lot about our solids!  There’s no denying- we’re thrilled to offer an all-American grown and made cotton solid fabric on the market with the American Made Brand Fabrics!!  Aside from our American Made Solid fabrics, Clothworks has been known for carrying a diverse range of printed fabrics that appeal to all types of quilters, sewists, and crafters under the sun.   We’re extremely excited to be working with a new print designer, Nicky Ovitt, who will be releasing her first collection with Clothworks called Homestead, due out in late autumn.

In anticipation of the release of Homestead, we thought we’d treat you to a little sneak peek as a way to introduce you to Nicky, our newest addition to the Clothworks roster of design talent.  Be sure to check out Nicky’s blog post here about her inspiration and design process for the Homestead fabric collection.  Make sure you browse around there a bit as you’ll be amazed to see all the wonderful work she produces!

And now on to some fun eye candy…

Below are the actual illustrations of the prints in Homestead.  Nicky really has quite an eye for color, as well as a wonderful sense of mixing & matching unique prints that stand on their own as well as they mingle together.



Nicky and Clothworks couldn’t be more pleased to see Nicky’s color scheme for Homestead translate well into fabric strike-offs.  For those of you who don’t know what a strike-off is, this is when the mill executes a ‘test print’ of the fabric design on to actual cotton fabric.  Sometimes it can take several tries for the mill to execute the print as close to the designer’s original artwork.  As you can see below,  the mill definitely nailed it with these strike-offs of the focus prints in Homestead!  Hooray!!

NickyOvitt_ClothworksHomestead_ToolsMulti 3

I’m really loving Nicky’s sense of color- the neutral grey, black, and off white punctuated by pops of bright aquas, greens, corals, and yellowy oranges.  Can’t wait to get my paws on some Homestead fabric when it delivers to the shops!!


Do check out Nicky Ovitt’s blog and website to see more of her dazzling artwork.  And here’s hoping you can be patient for a few more months until Homestead hits one of your local hometown fabric shops, too!

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