Fun Friday: You’re in For a Treat!

Candy Hunt_4_200.1

Kind of scary when you look at the calendar and see that Halloween is right around the corner with only 3 months to go!!  It’s not the zombies or monsters that creep me out, though.  For an infamous craft procrastinator like me, it’s the missing time that freaks me out the most!  Where has the year gone!!!?  Lucky for me and all of the other folks who wait until the last minute to work on their craft projects we have talented pattern designers such as Rochelle Martin of Cottage Quilt Designs!  Boy are you in for a treat when you see her latest and greatest quilt design, entitled ‘Candy Hunt‘, pictured above!!  Talk about a slam dunk in my Halloween pumpkin candy basket, Rochelle really nailed it with this super adorable quilt–  so creatively festive for the bewitching holiday season, as well as functional, (we’ll get to that in a moment).

The ‘Candy Hunt’ quilt pattern is now up for sale on Rochelle’s pattern site, Cottage Quilt Designs.  And it couldn’t be more perfect timing since she used Clothworks newest release, Witchful Thinking by Dan DiPaolo, now delivering to your favorite quilt shop!!  Sized at 48″ x 60″, this is definitely an easy weekend project to tackle for the experienced quilter!!

Witchful Thinking Collage

I really love the way Rochelle made such good use of the fun prints in the Witchful Thinking collection– from the brightly colored candy corn, to the graphic pumpkins and bi-colored stripes mixed with black, to the whimsically terrifying spiders (and yes, I suffer from a mild case of arachnophobia)– the print designs each stand on their own without overpowering each other in the Candy Hunt quilt!close up- treat bag

As you might have gathered, Rochelle has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to quilt pattern designing!  Or maybe ‘treats in the bag’ is a better way to put it.  My favorite part about Rochelle’s Candy Hunt quilt design is the functioning ‘treat bag appliques’ that double as pockets where you can stuff a few yummy  candy bars or bags of bite-sized candies.  Why shiver in the brisk October air, when you can be wrapped up & cozy in this cute quilt & ready for the trick-or-treating ghosts, goblins, and ghoulies to arrive with treats in your quilt pockets!

Clothworks new release, Witchful Thinking by Dan DiPaolo, is out now in shops!  Click this link to view the full collection and find a shop!

Candy Hunt is available now on Rochelle’s website Cottage Quilt Designs.  Click this link to view it and purchase the pattern.  Be sure to follow Rochelle’s prolific crafty creations on her blog Cottage Quilt Designs, too!



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