Vintage Sunshine FQ Giveaway + Friday Fun!

vintage sunshine fq giveaway

Greetings and Happy Friday!!  If you’ve been following us here at The Works lately, maybe you’ve read about our Where To Buy Tutorial post , featuring this new detail found on the new re-vamped Clothworks website.  Kudos to you if you’ve even had a chance to test out this nifty feature!  As we’re in the midst of shipping one of our newest releases, Vintage Sunshine by designer Ellen Crimi-Trent, I thought it would be fun to host a fat quarter bundle giveaway and have our participants try out the Where to Buy feature to find a local shop in their area that carries Vintage Sunshine.  The deadline to enter the Vintage Sunshine Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway was expected to end last night, but since Vintage Sunshine is just now hitting shops, and we are approaching a long weekend, let’s extend the deadline to enter into the giveaway!  All the more reason to continue to play around with the Where to Buy feature.

The Vintage Sunshine Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway deadline has been extended!  The deadline to enter your comments will be Monday September 1, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.   Two Winners selected at random will be announced on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.  Each winner will receive one fat quarter bundle of fabrics from Vintage Sunshine.

Please go leave a comment over at the original post for the Vintage Sunshine Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway.  When leaving a comment, please test out the Where to Buy feature on our website to find a shop that carries Vintage Sunshine.  List the name of the shop in your comment and what kind of project you envision making with these fat quarters should you be the lucky winner!!  Good luck!!

And now switching gears to talk about the Farm to Fabric Challenge.  Have you all been sewing your hearts out, conjuring up some beautiful pieces of textile art using American Made Brand fabrics??!!  You have 2 more days left of designing, creating, stitching, quilting, and taking pictures of your works of art to enter into this contest!!  The deadline to enter submissions is Sunday August 31, 2014.  Read more about the Farm to Fabric Challenge here.  Good luck to all,  especially you procrastinators!  Nothing like working under a little pressure, eh?


And finally, some FRIDAY FUN!

Check out this adorable little fashion-plate decked out in creations made from the Unity fabric collection by Leslie Mark!!

Ava in Unity photo

This pic was sent in by the talented Mara, who works in fulfillment and helps out in the sample room here at Clothworks.  Over the summer, Mara taught a kid’s sewing class with the help of her crafty daughter who’s modeling her projects in the pic above.   Would you believe this talented young lady sewed all of this all by herself?!!!  A totebag, skirt, infinity scarf, and headband– that’s more than I can say I’ve made in the past few months!! Looks like Mara’s daughter will be headed back to school in Clothworks style!

What about you?  We’d love to hear your comments about any fun projects you’ve completed over the summer, or perhaps you took a fun class at one of your local shops?  Please do tell….

Have a happy & safe weekend! 🙂


Shipping NOW: Vintage Sunshine + Giveaway!!

vintage sunshine fq giveaway

Summer’s coming to an end quickly with Labor Day right around the corner and school starting up again!  But don’t let that get you down!!  Looking for something sweet & cheerful to chase away those summer blues?  Well, look no further!  The newest delivery from Clothworks is sure to bring a smile to your face and a new project to grab your attention.  Shipping now to a store near you is Vintage Sunshine by designer Ellen Crimi-Trent.  In honor of the release, we thought we’d host another giveaway of 2 fat quarter bundles- yippee!

GOOD PICTURE-Vintage Sunshine Fat Quarter Coord.

Just look at these gorgeous prints in the Vintage Sunshine collection!!  The Yellow & Grey color combo really make a splash, transcending these sweet & feminine paisleys, florals, and scrolls into something fresh & modern!

Up for grabs in the Giveaway this week are 2 fat quarter bundles comprised of 7 coordinate fabrics in the Vintage Sunshine collection (as shown in the pictures above).  That’s nearly 2 yards of fabric!!!  Can you imagine the possibilities of what you’d make if you won almost 2 yards of fabric?!!  My brain is going bonkers over what I’d make…hmmm…a table runner would really cheer up my coffee table for Autumn….or maybe a sweet apron and oven mitt set…..or how about this fantastic quilt below?

Time after Time Vintage Sunshine

The Time After Time quilt pattern by A Quilter’s Dream is one of many projects cross-promoted with the Vintage Sunshine collection.  If you are the lucky winner of one of the fat quarter bundles in this week’s giveaway, you would be off to a great start in making this quilt as it calls for one fat quarter each of several different prints in Vintage Sunshine and even some American Made Brand solids thrown in.  I suppose that means you could head down to your local quilt shop to purchase the rest of the fabric needed to complete this quilt, eh?

That’s where the Where-to-Buy feature on our website will come in very handy for your search.  Remember that tutorial post from last Friday here on The Works?  Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention because class is in session….put the books away….Pop Quiz! 😉

Now follow my instructions carefully please, as in order to be considered a valid entry in this week’s Giveaway for the Vintage Sunshine Fat Quarter Bundle, you will need to:

1)  Leave a comment consisting of the following:

a)  What project would you make using these fat quarters?

b)  Using the Where to Buy function on the Clothworks website, please list at least 2 or 3 shops located near you that carry Vintage Sunshine.

2)  This Giveaway is open to all contestants who have a shipping address in the USA.

3)  Limit one comment per contestant.

4)  Contest ends on Thursday August, 28th 2014 at 11:59 PM PDT.

Two winners, winning one Vintage Sunshine Fat Quarter Bundle each, will be announced on Friday August 29, 2014 here on The Works.

Good luck!


***** 8/26/14:  AN UPDATE!  After reading the comments so far from some of the participants, it sounds like you are having some challenges in finding a shop near you.  Since Vintage Sunshine has just started to ship and the ‘Where to Buy’ feature on our website tracks a collection when it begins to ship, give it a few days & check the ‘Where to Buy’ again.  Thank you for your patience, we are shipping as quickly as we can 🙂





Where-To-Buy Feature + Winners Announced!

where to buy page

Before we announce the 3 winners of the Witchful Thinking fat quarter bundles Giveaway, we’ve got a fun tutorial that we’d like to highlight about a nifty feature on our website!  If you’re a faithful follower of Clothworks on the web, you may have noticed a change in our website format a few months ago.  It was definitely time to revamp the website and make it more of a user-friendly experience for both types of our customers:  our loyal wholesale accounts and our devoted fans, also known in business lingo as the ‘end consumers’.  One of the features that we’re really proud to offer on the new sleekly designed Clothworks website is the WHERE TO BUY feature, as shown above.  By adding this feature to our website, we believe it will help connect the Clothworks fabric devotees (end consumers) to their local Clothworks fabric mecca (local quilt/ fabric shop).  By making it easier for the end consumer to connect with their local fabric shop to purchase the latest and greatest from Clothworks, we’re hoping this helps stir up some business in the local shops.  So let me show you a quick tutorial of how to use the WHERE TO BUY feature on the Clothworks website.

Let’s start at the Clothworks landing page, shown below.

Where to Buy- page 1

You can access the WHERE TO BUY feature from the Clothworks landing page, as shown above with the red arrow.

But wait!  There’s also another way to search for a local fabric shop that carries your favorite Clothworks fabric.  If you know the Clothworks fabric collection that you want to search for where to buy, you can navigate to the specific fabric collection’s page to FIND A SHOP.  For our tutorial, we’ll use the Witchful Thinking collection by Dan DiPaolo, since we are announcing the winners of the fat quarter bundles at the very end of this post!

Where to Buy Via Collection Page

As you can see where the red arrow is pointing in the example above, you can click on the FIND A SHOP button with your mouse to access the WHERE TO BUY page.

After clicking on the FIND A SHOP button, you’ll be directed to the WHERE TO BUY page, with Witchful Thinking already populated in the fabric collection field as indicated by the red arrow.  If you would like to include online shops in your search, click the box to the right of that where the red arrow is pointing, and a checkmark will appear.  Then click the ‘SUBMIT’ button with your mouse.

Where to Buy- Witchful Thinking

To the right of the screen, you’ll see all of the shops that purchased and have had Witchful Thinking fabric shipped to their shop- whether it was a full collection or just a few bolts from the collection.  There are 189 fabric retailers listed (as shown by the red arrow), including local brick & mortar shops, as well as online shops.  Notice that the shop names that are underlined and highlighted in light blue have links back to their store websites.  You can hover your mouse over those shop names and then click on them to take you to that shop’s website.  Which is all the more reason for the shop to advertise the Clothworks fabric on their website.

Perhaps you’d rather support a local brick & mortar shop by purchasing Clothworks fabric from them.  Maybe you reside in California and want to see which shops stock Witchful Thinking.  You can select CALIFORNIA in the State field on the Where to Buy page, as shown by the red arrow in the picture below, then click the SUBMIT button with your mouse to see the ‘matches’.

Where to Buy California Stores

As you can tell above where the red arrow is pointing, there are 29 stores that match your search for shops (including online shops) located in California.

Say you would like to narrow this search a bit more– by city.  Let’s use Los Angeles as an example.  In the City Field, located above the State Field, you can type in Los Angeles.  Then click the SUBMIT button with your mouse to find the results.

Where to Buy- LA- 50 miles

Note, it will automatically start your search for shops within 50 miles (see red arrow above) of Los Angeles.  In this example, we see 5 shops that match this search.

You can continue to play with distance of your search by typing in the amount in the Miles Field and then clicking the SUBMIT button to find matches specific to your search.

Now what do you think of that!?  We hope you’ve been paying attention to the WHERE TO BUY tutorial as there will be a pop quiz coming up shortly in a future blog post!! 😉  You might want to practice a little bit over the weekend, hint-hint!!


And now for the announcement of our 3 Winners for the Witchful Thinking Fat Quarter Bundle contest!!

witchful Thinking fqp bundle giveaway

All winners were drawn at random from the comments left on the Giveaway blog post, and will each be receiving one fat quarter bundle of Witchful Thinking!  And now that I’ve shown you where to FIND A SHOP, perhaps when you’re done making your fun projects using these fat quarters-  a table runner, a treat bag, a wall hanging, a quilt, a costume…or whatever you conjure up……you know how to find a local shop to purchase more fabric from the Witchful Thinking collection to complete your project!  <<hee-hee-hee, my pretties!>>

Congratulations to:

1) Pat Bush

2) Cowtown Quilts

3) Terry Brady

I will be contacting each of you by email shortly for your shipping address, so please check your junk mail folders, just in case.  And a big thanks to all who commented.  It sounds like everyone has some fun things lined up for one of my favorite holidays, too!!

Happy Sewing!!




What’s Cookin’ at The Works: Summer Salads: A Taste of Mediterranean

Lunch Collage

With September just a few weeks away, the kids starting to go back to school, and the long hours of daylight dwindling down each night, it must mean that Summer is coming to an end!  But until that first brisk Autumn morning arrives when you walk out the door needing a jacket, there’s still time to soak up the last drops of Summer sun!  This week’s lunch selection pays homage to the light and carefree days of Summer- with a bounty of fresh veggies and fruits picked from the garden and at the local Farmer’s Market.  This week was my turn to provide lunch for Monday’s lunch Club.  Inspired by the warm & dry Summer we’ve been enjoying this season in Seattle, I prepared a Mediterranean-themed luncheon that I like to call:  Steph’s Taste of Mediterranean: Build your own Salad!

For my meal selection, I prepared 2 Main Salads with protein, carb, veggie, and dairy sides to pick and choose to suit your diet preference.

Salad One- Caprese Salad

caprese salad

This couldn’t be any easier to make!  With just a few simple, fresh ingredients mixed together- the flavors of the tomatoes and basil shine and mingle well with the olive oil and light seasoning.

Take your favorite cherry or plum tomatoes- cut in half- squeeze the seeds out- and cut in half once again.  Fresh basil leaves are picked from the garden, then chopped into strips.  Add your favorite olive oil, salt and pepper, and toss together.

***Note, I omitted the fresh mozzarella cheese that is a typical ingredient in a traditional Caprese salad and left this on the side, as some folks have dietary restrictions for dairy products.

Salad Two- Lemon Cucumber Cous Cous Salad

cous cous salad

Another very easy-peasy salad to make, but loaded with flavor!  Pearl Cous Cous, also known as Israeli Cous Cous dominates this salad.  Chopped cucumbers, chopped parsley, lemon zest, and feta cheese are the other ingredients.  Dressed in olive oil, minced garlic, and lemon- all the flavors combine so well and delight your taste buds– you’ll have a hard time saying no to seconds.  Find the recipe here.

I  included the following side selections as options to pair with the 2 salads:  Romaine Lettuce, Fresh Mozzarella, Sliced Avocados, Roast Chicken, French Baguette, and Balsamic Vinaigrette.

After going through the spread, my salad bowl looked a little something like this:

Steph Lunch Bowl


With a salad so light and summery like this, thankfully everyone had a little room left over for dessert!

How could you not pass up Haagen Dazs sorbet and fresh blueberries/ nectarines???

Dessert Collage

Until next week, here’s hoping you have a flavor-filled week that nourishes your heart, mind, body, and soul!  See you next week for another installment of What’s Cookin’ at The Works!




Trick-or-Treat!! Witchful Thinking FQ Bundle Giveaway

witchful Thinking fqp bundle giveaway

Something ‘Witchful‘ this way comes….A Witchful Thinking Fat Quarter Bundle, that is!  It’s that time again- time for another chance to win a gorgeous fat quarter bundle from Clothworks!  Up for grabs are 3 fat quarter bundles from fabrics from the Witchful Thinking collection by designer Dan DiPaolo.

Witchful Thinking Collage

This collection has got to be one of my favorite Halloween-themed groups that Clothworks has released.  My eyes are drawn to the vibrant colors:  purple, orange, gold, olive green, & black, but it’s the whimsical art of Dan DiPaolo that really captures my heart!  Candy corn, smiling jack-0-lanterns, and over-sized spiders couldn’t coordinate any better here!  And with Halloween just about 2 and a half months away….that’s plenty of time to make some treat bags, or other assorted festive projects with these fat quarters!

To participate in the Witchful Thinking Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaway, please abide by these rules:

1)  Limit one comment only on this blog post.  It would be fab to hear about your Halloween craft projects, costumes, etc!

2)  Giveaway is open to those who have a USA shipping address.

3)  Post your comment on this blog entry by Thursday August 21st at 11:59 PM PDT.

On Friday, August 22, I will select at random 3 winners from the comments.   One fat quarter bundle prize will be sent to each winner. The winners will be announced in a blog post that day, and will be contacted by email for their shipping address.

Good luck, my pretties!!!!  Heee-heee-heee!!!  <cackle>



In the Press: American Made Brand Fabrics

country living


Word is definitely getting around about our recent release of American Made Brand solid fabrics!!  Just take a peek at this page from the September 2014 issue of Country Living magazine!!!

Interested in crafting or decorating with American Made Brand solids, the fabric that is sourced, manufactured, and dyed right here in the USA?  View all 50 beautiful colors- from neutrals to pastels to brights to darks- here at this link.  To find a shop that stocks AMB, please visit this link.

And for those of you who have the creative bug, be sure to read about our Farm to Fabric Challenge using American Made Brand solid fabric in a quilt design exploring what it means to bring fabric production back here to the USA!   There’s still time to submit your design as the deadline has been extended to August 31st!!


What’s Cookin’ At the Works: Summer Salads- Paleo Friendly!

Ted's Tuna Salad Collage

Here’s another fresh, super simple, healthy lunch recipe inspired by those hot, carefree days of Summer!  Ted, head honcho of Clothworks, provided lunch for The Lunch Club this week and served up this very Paleo-friendly recipe he entitled:  Ted’s Summertime Tuna Tacos.

Putting this lunch together went lickety-split….just 5 steps to creating this tasty, refreshing lunch!  Follow the picture collage above for the first 3 steps:

Step 1. Grab a Romaine lettuce leaf shell – if you want you can help yourself to a pretzel slider roll if you are not into the lettuce thing

Step 2.  Scoop in some fresh tuna salad (tuna, celery & olive oil mayo)

Step 3.  Garnish with tomato wedges & red onion


Step 4.  For a little kick, sprinkle a little Japanese Togarashi — that’s ground chili pepper from the Asian grocery store  (See picture above)

Tuna Salad

Step 5.  Enjoy!

As you can see from the pic above of the lunch that I assembled, I did not go the Paleo-friendly route and added a pretzel slider bun in for added flavor and texture.

Dessert was just as healthy and easy to make, too….


Boy, do I love Summer!! 🙂


Stay tuned next week as we continue to post here on the Works  more Summer-inspired, effortless recipes to wet your palate and nourish you!

AMB Tote Bag- All Jazzed Up!

amb color band picture

What to do with left-over scraps & pieces of American Made Brand solid fabric?  Jazz up a canvas tote bag with a color band of strips of AMB solids!!

Our friend Mary of the blog, The Curious Quilter, conjured up this clever idea.  I really love the band of vibrant colors she created to dress up this canvas tote bag.  Very reminiscent of a spectrum band or even an old retro television test pattern– I love how she appliqued it onto the AMB tote bag.  Now it serves a function– when you’re out & about proudly toting around this canvas bag displaying the AMB logo, you can also show off the actual swatches of American Made Brand solid fabric should someone inquire!   Genius marketing & promotion– bravo, Mary!!

Another big thanks to Mary, also known as Ms.Minnesota during our AMB Blog tour earlier this summer, for sharing this picture and spectacular idea!

I’m willing to bet there are a few more nifty ideas out there for incorporating American Made Brand solids into your crafting and sewing projects.  Anyone else have some too cool for school ideas that they’d love to share?  Please send them our way!!!



Winner Announced: AMB Tote Bag Giveaway!

AMB market bag

Thank you all for participating in the AMB Tote Bag Giveaway that we ran this week here at the Works!  Here’s hoping this will stir up some more attention for both American Made Brand solids fabric, as well as the Farm to Fabric Challenge.  Remember, the deadline has recently been extended for the Farm to Fabric Challenge.  There is still a bit of time to create something beautiful using American Made Brand solid fabric to enter into the contest.  Submissions are now due by Sunday August 31st.  Read more about this exciting challenge here.

And now for the announcement of our winner of the giveaway:

Congratulations Denise Toomey!!!

You’ve been selected at random to receive this lovely prize, as pictured above.  Be the first on your block to proudly carry this sturdy canvas tote bag emblazoned with the American Made Brand solids logo on the front and back sides.  Fill it up with farmers market finds, or fill it up with beautiful American Made Brand solids fabrics, fresh from the local quilt shop!

Denise, I will be contacting you via email for your shipping address, so please check your junk mail box, just in case.

Once again, thanks to all for  your wonderful comments about AMB!!  It’s with your continued support that American Made Brand solids fabric continues to thrive and help build the economy here in the U.S.A.!!!!


What’s Cookin’ at the Works? Everything’s Just Peachy!

Peach Slab Pie

What’s that old saying again?  Something about– ‘When life gives you peaches, you make Peach Slab Pie,” right?!!  I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but lately, up here in the Pacific Northwest, there’s been an abundance of peaches at the local farmers markets!   Our lovely volunteer here at Clothworks, Gabe, was responsible for this week’s yummy ‘Lunch Club’ selection.  While I usually start off showing a pic of the main course first on our What’s Cookin’ At The Works posts, I thought I’d just cut to the chase and highlight our dessert course first.

The Peach Slab Pie recipe looks like it’s as much of a breeze to make as it was to eat a piece (or two)!  You can find the recipe here at this link.  After reading some of the comments from the other test bakers, this recipe seems like a very versatile one where you could sub in other types of bumper crop fresh fruits.  Mmmm…. lots of fresh fruit….another reason I just love Summer!

Circling back to the main course that Gabe prepared for us, we have yet another flavorful, easy-peasy salad recipe that is just perfect to make on a hot summer day!  Who needs to  slave away at a hot stove all day long to watch a soup simmer, right?  Gabe’s main course reminded me of a layered bean dip: with layers of pinto beans, fresh chopped peppers and green onions, mayo, sour cream, and ranch dressing, plenty of seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese on top, but with a cornbread crust.  Hence the recipe name, Cornbread Salad. ‘MMMMMMM’-mazing!!!

Cornbread Salad

photo courtesy of Cornbread Salad

Unfortunately, I was late to lunch this week and didn’t get a picture of Gabe’s kitchen masterpiece, Cornbread Salad, but thank goodness for the internet.  I’m sure Gabe’s version was just as pretty to look at as it was to scarf down!! You can find the link to the recipe here.

Check back with us next week as we continue to serve up some more yummy Summer eats!