AMB Blog Tour Quilt is in The Works!


AMB quilt 2

Do you remember the virtual road trip we took earlier this summer?  The AMB blog tour was such a blast- traveling to all 50 States and meeting one lovely blogger per State who shared a bit of the local history, trivia, and  culture with us!  Not only did our blogger friends serve as wonderful ambassadors to each State in the Nation, they were just as talented and crafty with their sewing machines!  Each of our blogger friends was also given the task of making a ‘license plate’ quilt block using American Made Brand solid fabrics to represent their state with the final goal of making a quilt out of all 50 blocks.

We thought we’d indulge you with a ‘Work in Progress’ picture of the license plate blocks mocked up in a quilt on our design wall.  Toni, the Sample Room Extraordinaire & Quilting Queen, has taken on the task of piecing these blocks into a complete quilt.  So far she has determined the placement of the blocks and has sewn a neutral grey fabric from the American Made Brand solids line as a border around each license plate, as well as white sashing in between the blocks.

Check back soon to see how far down the road (no pun intended) she goes in completing the quilt!

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