Summer Projects: Sewing with Children

Sewing with Children Collage

Our friend Melissa of Lilac Lane has been quite a busy lady this summer!  Kicking off the summer, she had participated in the AMB Blog Tour ( proudly representing the beautiful state of Kansas), has been busy with the County Fair, and has been sewing up a storm with her talented children!  With quite a bit to juggle and a wonderful knack for taking great pictures (including all of the pictures she provided me shown here on this post), I’m amazed she found the time to write up a very well thought tutorial on sewing with children.  You can tell Melissa is a seasoned sewist when it comes to sharing her passion for sewing with her kids.  Head on over to Melissa’s blog post at Lilac Lane to read her helpful tips on how to sew with children.

And take a look at these gorgeous dresses that her daughters made using none other than Clothworks very own fabric collection,  Unity by designer Leslie Mark.  Released earlier this year, Unity captures the vibrancy of the summer season- with crisp, bright colors and tropical-inspired prints!


Well done Melissa and Co!!!!  Now that’s something to twirl about!



2 thoughts on “Summer Projects: Sewing with Children

  1. Well done indeed! I’m doing a little twirling of my own. My primary goal when I create a collection is to inspire creativity in others, so these beautiful pictures are very thrilling to see. It also warms my heart tremendously to see the art of sewing being passed on to a new generation. Thank you Melissa!

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