AMB Tote Bag- All Jazzed Up!

amb color band picture

What to do with left-over scraps & pieces of American Made Brand solid fabric?  Jazz up a canvas tote bag with a color band of strips of AMB solids!!

Our friend Mary of the blog, The Curious Quilter, conjured up this clever idea.  I really love the band of vibrant colors she created to dress up this canvas tote bag.  Very reminiscent of a spectrum band or even an old retro television test pattern– I love how she appliqued it onto the AMB tote bag.  Now it serves a function– when you’re out & about proudly toting around this canvas bag displaying the AMB logo, you can also show off the actual swatches of American Made Brand solid fabric should someone inquire!   Genius marketing & promotion– bravo, Mary!!

Another big thanks to Mary, also known as Ms.Minnesota during our AMB Blog tour earlier this summer, for sharing this picture and spectacular idea!

I’m willing to bet there are a few more nifty ideas out there for incorporating American Made Brand solids into your crafting and sewing projects.  Anyone else have some too cool for school ideas that they’d love to share?  Please send them our way!!!



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