Where-To-Buy Feature + Winners Announced!

where to buy page

Before we announce the 3 winners of the Witchful Thinking fat quarter bundles Giveaway, we’ve got a fun tutorial that we’d like to highlight about a nifty feature on our website!  If you’re a faithful follower of Clothworks on the web, you may have noticed a change in our website format a few months ago.  It was definitely time to revamp the website and make it more of a user-friendly experience for both types of our customers:  our loyal wholesale accounts and our devoted fans, also known in business lingo as the ‘end consumers’.  One of the features that we’re really proud to offer on the new sleekly designed Clothworks website is the WHERE TO BUY feature, as shown above.  By adding this feature to our website, we believe it will help connect the Clothworks fabric devotees (end consumers) to their local Clothworks fabric mecca (local quilt/ fabric shop).  By making it easier for the end consumer to connect with their local fabric shop to purchase the latest and greatest from Clothworks, we’re hoping this helps stir up some business in the local shops.  So let me show you a quick tutorial of how to use the WHERE TO BUY feature on the Clothworks website.

Let’s start at the Clothworks landing page, shown below.

Where to Buy- page 1

You can access the WHERE TO BUY feature from the Clothworks landing page, as shown above with the red arrow.

But wait!  There’s also another way to search for a local fabric shop that carries your favorite Clothworks fabric.  If you know the Clothworks fabric collection that you want to search for where to buy, you can navigate to the specific fabric collection’s page to FIND A SHOP.  For our tutorial, we’ll use the Witchful Thinking collection by Dan DiPaolo, since we are announcing the winners of the fat quarter bundles at the very end of this post!

Where to Buy Via Collection Page

As you can see where the red arrow is pointing in the example above, you can click on the FIND A SHOP button with your mouse to access the WHERE TO BUY page.

After clicking on the FIND A SHOP button, you’ll be directed to the WHERE TO BUY page, with Witchful Thinking already populated in the fabric collection field as indicated by the red arrow.  If you would like to include online shops in your search, click the box to the right of that where the red arrow is pointing, and a checkmark will appear.  Then click the ‘SUBMIT’ button with your mouse.

Where to Buy- Witchful Thinking

To the right of the screen, you’ll see all of the shops that purchased and have had Witchful Thinking fabric shipped to their shop- whether it was a full collection or just a few bolts from the collection.  There are 189 fabric retailers listed (as shown by the red arrow), including local brick & mortar shops, as well as online shops.  Notice that the shop names that are underlined and highlighted in light blue have links back to their store websites.  You can hover your mouse over those shop names and then click on them to take you to that shop’s website.  Which is all the more reason for the shop to advertise the Clothworks fabric on their website.

Perhaps you’d rather support a local brick & mortar shop by purchasing Clothworks fabric from them.  Maybe you reside in California and want to see which shops stock Witchful Thinking.  You can select CALIFORNIA in the State field on the Where to Buy page, as shown by the red arrow in the picture below, then click the SUBMIT button with your mouse to see the ‘matches’.

Where to Buy California Stores

As you can tell above where the red arrow is pointing, there are 29 stores that match your search for shops (including online shops) located in California.

Say you would like to narrow this search a bit more– by city.  Let’s use Los Angeles as an example.  In the City Field, located above the State Field, you can type in Los Angeles.  Then click the SUBMIT button with your mouse to find the results.

Where to Buy- LA- 50 miles

Note, it will automatically start your search for shops within 50 miles (see red arrow above) of Los Angeles.  In this example, we see 5 shops that match this search.

You can continue to play with distance of your search by typing in the amount in the Miles Field and then clicking the SUBMIT button to find matches specific to your search.

Now what do you think of that!?  We hope you’ve been paying attention to the WHERE TO BUY tutorial as there will be a pop quiz coming up shortly in a future blog post!! 😉  You might want to practice a little bit over the weekend, hint-hint!!


And now for the announcement of our 3 Winners for the Witchful Thinking Fat Quarter Bundle contest!!

witchful Thinking fqp bundle giveaway

All winners were drawn at random from the comments left on the Giveaway blog post, and will each be receiving one fat quarter bundle of Witchful Thinking!  And now that I’ve shown you where to FIND A SHOP, perhaps when you’re done making your fun projects using these fat quarters-  a table runner, a treat bag, a wall hanging, a quilt, a costume…or whatever you conjure up……you know how to find a local shop to purchase more fabric from the Witchful Thinking collection to complete your project!  <<hee-hee-hee, my pretties!>>

Congratulations to:

1) Pat Bush

2) Cowtown Quilts

3) Terry Brady

I will be contacting each of you by email shortly for your shipping address, so please check your junk mail folders, just in case.  And a big thanks to all who commented.  It sounds like everyone has some fun things lined up for one of my favorite holidays, too!!

Happy Sewing!!




6 thoughts on “Where-To-Buy Feature + Winners Announced!

  1. Hi, I just read on here that I have won your contest, but I have not gotten an email asking for my shipping address. I have checked my spam mail already. Did you send out the email yet ?

    Thanks! Terry Brady

    • Hi Terry,
      Yes, I did send an email notifying you of your winnings on Friday. I will try re-sending it today, but if you don’t hear from me, please send me an email at stephanieatclothworksdotcom

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