Quilt Market: Clothworks Booth bursting with Color!

Clothworks Booth fall market

In case you didn’t have a chance to make it down to Houston, TX this past weekend for the International Quilt Market, here are some pics of the Clothworks Booth.  Our booth was packed with a dazzling array of quilt samples highlighting new and upcoming fabric collection releases!  Seen above are quilts showing the following future releases (from left to right):  Mojito by Skipping Stone Studios, Hummingbird Garden by Sadie, Everything Blue II by Marsha McCloskey, In Your Neighborhood by Jamie Wood , Have a Latte by Dan Dipaolo, Friends in Wild Places by Masha D’yans.

Below is a closer pic showing the last 3 quilt samples:

Clothworks booth 2 fall market

And of course American Made Brand Solid fabrics made an appearance in this cozy, vintage-inspired home display.

AMB booth fall market

Did you know we’ll be introducing 12 additional colors of American Made Brand Solids, available January 2015?  That’s right–Light Olive, Coral, Light Eggplant, Dark Brick, Light Gold, Red, Blue, Light Royal Blue, Dark Sky, Light Emerald, Emerald, Mint will be added to the roster of 50 existing colors in the palette!




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