Colorful ‘Carnival Quilt’ in AMB solids


Our friend, Melissa of Lilac Lane Patterns, sent me this dazzling pic of a quilt she made using American Made Brand solid fabrics by Clothworks!  You may remember Melissa from our AMB Blog Tour this past summer when we stopped in her beautiful state of Kansas.  Not only is she extremely talented & artistically gifted, but she shares her passion for sewing & creating with her daughters who are budding sewing-enthusiasts-in-the-making!  In fact, those girls already have a quilt or two and a few clothing projects under their belts!

Originally intended as a quilt to enter into the Farm to Fabric Challenge, this stunning quilt was just a bit too small in size.  That’s ok though.  Knowing Melissa, she plans to write it up as a pattern/ download & post it on her blog at Lilac Lane.  Melissa calls this quilted masterpiece, ‘Carnival Quilt‘, and I can see why!  The mix of punchy colors & soft pastel hues recall the jazzy neon lights on the carnival rides and the yummy cotton candy & ice cream sweets found at the fair.  But it’s the piecing that creates movement as the colors collide and send my eyes jumping all over the quilt like a highly energetic child on a sugar rush in a bounce house!  Can you smell the funnel cakes, yet?  Head on over to Melissa’s site, Lilac Lane and keep your eyes peeled for this festive quilt!

And speaking of American Made Brand Solids… we are excited to announce that 12 additional colors will be added to the assortment for January 2015 delivery!

Light Olive, Coral, Light Eggplant, Dark Brick, Light Gold, Red, Blue, Light Royal Blue, Dark Sky, Light Emerald, Emerald, and Mint!


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