Critter Patch decks out the Thanksgiving Table!


Critter Patch Holiday Place Holders picture taken from the website of Penguin & Fish by designer Alyssa Thomas.

Turkey in oven…..check ✔

Potatoes mashed and chilling in the fridge…..check ✔

Pies are baked and resting on the buffet…..check ✔

Silverware polished…..check ✔

Tablecloth washed, pressed, and on the table…..check ✔

Extra chairs set around the table…..check ✔

Just when you think you’re fully prepared for Thanksgiving Dinner, something seems to be amiss.  Did you forget the placeholders?!!  Heaven forbid you sit Aunt Ethel next to daughter Judy’s new boyfriend from university without a proper introduction!!  Have no worries!  Thanks to talented designer, Alyssa Thomas, we’ve got you covered for that!  Head to Alyssa’s website, Penguin & Fish, where you’ll find some adorably-illustrated placeholders (at this link) to festoon your Thanksgiving table!  Not only are these whimsical creatures the same sweet ones found in the Critter Patch fabric collection that Alyssa also designed for Clothworks, but they are seasonally-appropriate (squirrels, acorns, and autumn leaves in hip harvest hues!).  But did I mention they’re FREE??!!!  Head to this link and Happy Thanksgiving!

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