Clothworks is Moving (& having a GINORMOUS Sale)!!

Moving Pic

Yep, you read that right!  Clothworks Headquarters will be moving at the end of 2014!  We’ve enjoyed several wonderful years at our warehouse in the beautiful Georgetown district of Seattle, WA.  Our current location was a prime spot for witnessing some historical events- the maiden voyage of Boeing’s Dreamliner, the Blue Angels magnificent take-off & landing flights, and every now & then catching a glimpse of someone famous (did FLOTUS just wave at us?).  Besides experiencing all of those memorable events here, one recent event in the history of Clothworks made its mark in this warehouse, and that would be the launch of American Made Brands!  With the release of American Made Brand solid fabrics, we have been excited to offer a quilting cotton that is strictly made here in the USA:  never leaving our shores, from farm to fabric in an array of vibrant colors!

Since the release of American Made Brand solid fabrics, our warehouse has gotten just a bit too cozy for our liking, and now it’s time we move on!  Don’t worry, we aren’t going too far– just across town. At the end of December we’ll head WEST to our new home, a warehouse that will accommodate our growing needs, and kick off the new year in our new digs!

But until then….

We are in preparation mode for the BIG MOVE!  As much as we love our fabric, we just can’t take it all to our new warehouse.  So I guess that means we need to throw a SALE for our wholesale customers!!

In honor of our BIG MOVE, The Holidays, and Year- End, we’re offering a promotion to our wholesale accounts.  Some of you might have seen the email that went out–  Place your orders now through Friday, December 19th to have them shipped now through December 19th and you may be lucky enough to enjoy some screaming deals on fabric (how does an additional 50 cents off promo pricing sound to you?!!)  Act Fast!!  Make your MOVE quickly before this special promo ends after December 19th when sale prices no longer receive the additional discount!

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