The Season of Giving: Clothworks Fabrics Made into Charity Quilts!

Frog & Toad Charity QuiltOne of the local quilt guilds near us in the greater Seattle, WA- area, had some fun show & tell that they sent in today.  Since we’re in the midst of the season of giving, perhaps this might inspire ya’ll to be as charitable as these kindhearted quilters are!

Shown in the pic above is Cindy, a member of Busy Bee Quilter’s Guild.  She’s proudly showing off one of her charity quilts made from the Clothworks collection, Frog & Toad Together.  This quilt will be donated to a homeless shelter in Everett, WA to comfort & warm a less-fortunate child.

This darling quilt pictured below using another Clothworks collection you might remember, called Hullabaloo by Iron Orchid Designs, was also made by Cindy.  It, too, will be donated to the homeless shelter in Everett.

hullabaloo charity quilt

The Busy Bee Quilter’s Guild surely lives up to its name!  As part of the guild’s mission, they routinely collaborate on making quilts to donate to charities all throughout the year.  Just take a look at them below in action in what they affectionately call ‘the sweatshop’!

Sewing Bee pic

In this hive of industry with creativity buzzing about, even husband Gary (pictured above in the middle) wants to be a part of the action and is working on a quilt, too.

Pictured below are a few more members of Busy Bee Quilters Guild.  That’s Jean at the left, and Cathy at the right.

Quilting Bee pic 2

For more info on the Busy Bee Quilter’s Guild, head to this link.

What about you?  Do you or your quilt guild contribute quilts to charities?  Which charities?



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