Farm to Fabric Challenge: Quilt Exhibition Online!



In case you may have missed this exhibition at the International Quilt Market in Houston, TX this past autumn, you can view the juried exhibition of quilts from the comfy confines of your couch while cruising the internet with your laptop or tablet!  We’ve posted these stunning quilt masterpieces in an online gallery on the American Made Brand website where you can click on this link  to view it!

To back up a bit, this past year, we held a Farm to Fabric Challenge in honor of the launch of the newest Clothworks division, American Made Brand.  American Made Brand began releasing an assortment of 50 solid colors made from 100% cotton fabric that was grown here in the USA and processed into a dyed woven fabric, never leaving the shores of the Continental USA– or quite literally, from ‘Farm to Fabric’!  We put out a call for entries, challenging the most talented and artistic quilters out there to create a quilt using American Made Brand solid fabric.  These quilt entries needed to speak to this theme:  What does it mean to you, your family or your community to bring fabric production back to America to use in your American made quilts?

A stellar jury comprised of 3 incredible women who all reign in the quilting & sewing communities, including Pokey Bolton, Alissa Haight Carlton, and Heather Jones, judged the entries submitted to the Farm to Fabric Challenge, and chose many gorgeous and inspiring quilts that were shown in an exhibition at the International Quilt Market and Festival this past autumn.

Head to this link  to view our ‘virtual exhibition’ online.  Here, you can click on each of the quilt thumbnails to see who made it and what the source of their inspiration was in creating it.

I don’t want to give them all away, but here’s a sneak peek of one of the entries:

Farm to Fabric 1

Grab a cuppa joe or tea, curl up on the sofa, and take in all of these beautiful creations- head to this link!  They are simply stunning works of art that celebrate the Farm to Fabric movement and what it means to be American Made!


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