On the Road Again- with Detour Ahead (& AMB)!

Detour Ahead

Do you recognize the fabric in these charming zip pouch bags?  If you’ve hit a mental roadblock, it could be that there’s a Detour Ahead….or wait a minute– that would be the name of this fabric collection released by Clothworks, and the second collection for designer Eugene Smith.  Spotted at a quilt retreat last weekend from our friends at the Busy Bee Quilters Guild, a local quilt guild based north of Seattle in Snohomish,WA, these bags were part of a raffle.  Lucky for the person who won these- as they’d make the perfect pouches to carry sundries, or anything you need for your on-the-go lifestyle!

Speaking of on-the-go….we’re all packed up and ready to head down to QuiltCon in Austin, TX! Just look at how much American Made Brand solids can fill a compact car.


I’m betting there’s a joke here– How much fabric can the quilter fit in her car?!?  (Try 118 bolts.)


Joking aside, it’s time to head out on the highway with AMB solids (detour ahead or not) and see you at QuiltCon!


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