Happening Now: AMB Booth at QuiltCon!

Quiltcon Booth picQuiltCon in Austin, TX is in full gear as we speak!  Here’s a peek of the American Made Brand booth representing our most recent assortment of basic fabrics called American Made Brand solids.  With the current assortment at 62 gorgeous colors of AMB solids, there’s certainly a color or 2 (or 3 or 4 or…oh, heck, all 62!!) that is sure to satisfy your needs for solid fabric, especially for the Modern Quilter.  Just look at those breathtaking quilts in the booth- the neutrals and brights in the American Made Brand solid palette play very well together in these modern designs.  And what’s even better to know is that American Made Brand solid fabric is strictly grown and produced here in the United States of America.  From ‘farm to fabric’, Clothworks has been excited to deliver a fabric that’s made right here in the USA.  And that’s creating quite a buzz in the fabric world!

QuiltCon runs through Sunday, February 22, 2015 if you happen to be in Austin, Texas or nearby.  Stop by our booth at American Made Brand to meet our friendly staff and learn more about this exciting fabric!

Quiltcon booth with people


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