Emergency! Clothworks to the Rescue with new Fabric Collection

Emergency! Collage 2

Due out this Summer 2015 in a local quilt shop near you is Emergency!, the newest fabric collection by talented artist, Eugene Smith.  Eugene is known for his realistic style of artwork, as illustrated in these detailed drawings of emergency vehicles.  From police squad cars and ambulances to fire rescue boats and medic copters, these illustrations are tossed and repeated on running yardage of Clothworks’ premium quality quilting cottons. Surely this fabric will come to the rescue for anyone looking to make a project for a little one who’s obsessed with these vehicles!

Need some help in the project department, too?  Ah, ah, ah, don’t touch that dial!  No need to call Fabric 9-1-1!  Just scroll down to the bottom of the webpage on the Clothworks site showcasing the Emergency! fabric collection and you’ll find several fun and easy project ideas for inspiration.  Be sure to click on the projects that appeal to you to find out how to order the patterns.  Here are just a few project ideas using Emergency!:

Emergency! Project Collage

Prolific quilter, Cindy Carter, also has a nifty quilt pattern using Emergency! in her 2015 Spring Mystery Quilt.  Using solids to offset the patterns, I’m loving how Cindy framed her blocks using white.  It almost adds a ‘mosaic-inspired’ effect to the quilt design!

Emergency Quilt Cindy Carter Collage

2015 Spring Mystery Quilt by Cindy Carter posted with permission from Cindy.

Follow this link to download the clues to help construct your very own version of Cindy’s 2015 Spring Mystery Quilt.  Stay a little longer on her blog and you’ll notice she has drafted and compiled an amazing encyclopedia of quilting patterns which can be downloaded.  You might spend the entire day clicking away on her site!

And be sure to follow Clothworks fabric designer, Eugene Smith on facebook, to receive the latest updates on his new fabric collection releases.


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