Learn to Sew with Designer Leslie Mark

Leslie mark Sewing Collage

Learn to Sew with Leslie Mark: follow a simple pattern using fabrics that make your heart sing to create something beautiful!

“I’m afraid I’ll sew my fingers together”…..”I don’t have the space”…..”I don’t have the time”…..”I don’t even know how to put thread in it”…..”I don’t even know where to start.”  Do these excuses sound familiar to some of you?  Do you have a sewing machine packed away in its box, accumulating dust…or better yet, serving as a side table?  If you need a little nudge to get you started on a sewing project, Clothworks designer Leslie Mark, has come up with a wonderful post on her blog to help steer you in the right direction to let the stitching begin!  Follow the link here and read how Leslie disproves all of those excuses that keep holding you back from beginning your very first sewing project!

Leslie, a talented surface designer, tells her own story of how she had gone through a creative rut and needed a little inspiration to get her back in the groove.  Having learned how to sew when she was younger, she decided to work on a simple project as a creative outlet.  She visited some of her local quilt shops for fabric and in turn fell in love with the beautiful prints designed by some of the modern textile artists.  Seeing how the gorgeous fabric designs ‘spoke’ to Leslie inspired her to go on to design her own lines of fabric!  Clothworks couldn’t be more thrilled to have Leslie’s vibrant and beautiful prints gracing our fabric!!

In fact, check out the lovely dress that Leslie made for her niece, using fabrics from two of her Clothwork’s releases:  Unity and Stonewall Bloom.  (I think I need to wipe the drool off my face, this is soooooooooooo adorable!!!!!)

Stonewall Bloom & Unity fabrics work very well together in this simple pattern by Butterick.

Stonewall Bloom & Unity fabrics work very well together with this lace trim in this simple pattern by Butterick.

Head over to Leslie’s ‘Learn to Sew’ blog post for some gentle encouragement to help you start sewing again!  She’s even created a pinterest board full of simple, ez-sew, adorable project ideas for inspiration.  And there’s a youtube video on how to thread your sewing machine on Leslie’s blog, too!  Happy Sewing! 🙂

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