Progress Made in the Backyard: Goat Update!

Goat hello

Our goat friends from Amazin’ Grazers, the urban goat renewal service we are using to clean up the backyard of the Clothworks warehouse, have been working steadily ever since Thursday.  I’m just amazed at how quickly these animals have cleared away the brambles and overgrowth!!!  Here are a few in-progress pictures to show off the amazing workmanship (and appetite) of our goat friends!

But here’s a reminder of what the backyard looked like before the goats—

Backyard Jungle1

The very next morning, on Friday, when I arrived at work, I found the goats had made some serious progress!

Friday Morning

What?!  Who knew there was a shed back there!!????

Below is a pic I took on Monday morning, after a full weekend of goats eating away the brush—

Monday morning- clear!!


So where else are they to go?

Goats go up the hill

Up the hill, of course!  They don’t call them ‘mountain’ goats for nothing!

Goats continue to eat

Check back soon for more goat updates and backyard improvement progress!

3 thoughts on “Progress Made in the Backyard: Goat Update!

    • Ha ha ha!! 🙂 I knew what you meant, Lorri!! The goats have really done an impressive job eating up all the brambles & overgrowth in the back. I have a new found respect for these amazing creatures!

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