AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge: Countdown to Deadline & Prizes Galore!


The American Made Brand Tiny Quilt Challenge deadline is just around the corner!  Summer is almost over and September is here.  There’s still 2 more weeks left for you to submit an entry into the Tiny Quilt Challenge contest.  With entries due by Tuesday September 15, 2015, that should be plenty of time (including a long holiday weekend in between) to create a tiny quilt made from American Made Brand solid fabrics to submit into the contest.  Remember, your tiny quilt submission can be 15″ x 15″ finished dimensions or less.

With four categories to enter your Tiny Quilt submission, there are plenty of chances to win!  Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 entries in each of the following 4 categories:

  1.  Pieced Category
  2. Applique Category
  3. Quilting Category
  4. Junior Category (up to age 18)

This year, American Made Brand and Clothworks are excited to open up the Tiny Quilt Challenge quilting contest to the younger quilter/ sewist with the addition of the Junior Category.  We’re hoping to encourage budding quilters and crafters under the age of 18 to continue the generations passed-down tradition of sewing and quilting!  We also can’t wait to see what everyone will create and submit into the Tiny Quilt Challenge contest.

If you’ve been on the fence about starting that tiny quilt project, perhaps these prizes will ignite your competitive & creative spirit!

Each prize shown below will be awarded to the 3 winners in each of the 4 categories as listed above.

For the 3rd Place Prize:  31 fat quarters of American Made Brand cotton Solids, an AMB color card, and an AMB canvas tote bag

3rd place prize


For the 2nd Place Prize:  62 fat quarters of American Made Brand cotton Solids, an AMB color card, and an AMB canvas tote bag


2nd place prize

For the 1st Place Prize:  One Yard Cuts of all 62 colors of American Made Brand cotton Solids, an AMB color card, and an AMB canvas tote bag


1st place prize

We’re very excited to award a BEST OF SHOW GRAND PRIZE to one lucky winner in the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge.  An airline ticket to beautiful Southern California in January 2016, plus 2 nights accommodation to see the Tiny Quilt Challenge exhibit debut at the Road to California 2016 quilt show!

banner 2016


For more details on how to enter the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge, follow this link.

To find a shop that carries American Made Brand solid fabrics, follow this link.

We look forward to seeing you push the creative boundaries and think outside the (tiny) box with your AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge submissions!

Good Luck & Happy Sewing!

Fun Friday Show & Tell: AMB in all of its Glory!


What a lovely surprise I found in my email inbox this morning!  A very talented seamstress by the name of Jill made this American Flag using….(you guessed it)….American Made Brand fabrics!!  As I continued to chat with Jill over email about her creation, I discovered that this is the first American Flag that she has ever made.  WOWEE!  She was excited to have finally found a fabric that’s strictly made in the USA, having purchased AMB solids at her local quilt shop, Carolina Foam & Fabric based in North Carolina.  Her son, a member of the National Guard, will be the proud recipient of this all-American-made labor of love!

Pledge your allegiance to American Made by using American Made Brand cotton solids in your sewing and crafting projects. Visit one of the many retailers across the USA that carry AMB solids by Clothworks and follow this link to find a local quilt shop near you!



On the Road Again: AMB on Tour at Upcoming Quilt Festivals!


American Made Brand fabrics will be making the quilt exhibit circuit, featured in some gorgeous quilts at a few quilt festivals this Autumn!  Quilts made of American Made Brand solids featured in the Farm to Fabric Challenge from 2014, as well as the lovely AMB License Plate Quilt (as shown above) will be shown in 3 upcoming quilt festivals.  Fill up your gas tanks, rev up your engines, and take a road trip to these quilt festivals to view the American Made Brand Farm to Fabric Challenge Quilt Exhibit.  Here’s your chance to see these absolutely fantastic quilts in person:

September 17-20, 2015 – Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XXII- Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA

October 8-10, 2015 – Quiltfest Oasis Palm Springs- Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, CA

October 15- 18, 2015- Pacific International Quilt Festival XXIV- Santa Clara, CA


Last year in 2014, in conjunction with the debut of American Made Brand solid fabrics, we hosted the Farm to Fabric Quilt Challenge where entrants were asked to design & make their quilts using the beautiful assortment of American Made Brand solid fabrics and answer the theme question: What does it mean to you, your family or your community to bring fabric production back to America to use in your American made quilts?  Several applicants submitted quilts, but through the juried contest, a handful of the best quilts were selected to be exhibited.  Clothworks is excited to continue touring the Farm to Fabric Challenge Quilt exhibit so that you may have a chance to admire these amazing quilts made from AMB!


You might also remember from last year here on the Works, we took you on the AMB Blog Tour– a virtual road trip visiting all 50 States in the USA, meeting a new blogger per state, and viewing their contribution to the AMB License Plate Quilt.  This quilt will also be featured along with the Farm to Fabric Challenge Quilt Exhibit at the upcoming quilt festivals mentioned above.

The Farm to Fabric Challenge Exhibit along with the AMB License Plate Quilt was shown at The World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH from August 13-15.  Although we missed it, you can read the account of it from our blogger friend, Victoria of Park Hill Farm, also known as ‘Ms. New Hampshire’ on the AMB Road Trip Blog Tour.

And just a reminder…..

It’s not too late to enter into this year’s American Made Brand Quilt Challenge, The Tiny Quilt Challenge for 2015.  We are still taking entries through September 15, 2015.  This year we’re extremely excited to offer a ‘Junior’ category for entrants below the age of 18!


Read here for full details on how to enter and register your quilt into the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge…… and Good Luck!



Clothworks Show & Tell: Oversized Check Quilt

Oversized Check Quilt

Maybe it’s the impending seasonal change that has gotten me on a quilting kick, or maybe it’s a quest to use up my stash.  Who knows!?  I can’t say I can blame the mosquitoes, but that darn quilting bug has bitten me and now I’ve been making one quilt top after another lately.  I had to share this one with y’all, as it has a mix of older Clothworks prints with some American Made Brand black solids, and some up-cycled plaids thrown in for good measure.

I’m no quilting genius, I would call myself an amateur.  I admit that I’ve never sewn a triangle or a star block (but I aspire to do that some day).  I’ve only pieced with square and rectangle blocks.  And this is my 5th quilt I’ve made.  This is also my own design. I call it the Oversize Check.

Like I said, I’ve been on a quest to use up my fabric stash lately.  It’s a challenge to do that when you work here at Clothworks and you’re surrounded and shall I say, bombarded, with new, beautiful fabrics on a daily basis!  Fabric comes home with me like a lost puppy dog sometimes. 🙂  So as I was cleaning out my stash the other day I came across these tonal skull prints from a past Sue Zipkin release with a Halloween-theme called ‘Gone Haunting’.  Remember these?

Skulls- Close Up

As I continued to plot out my quilt design, I wanted to keep it simple with a masculine feeling.  This quilt would be gifted to a guy.  I drafted some sketches on my graph paper, and eureka!  An oversized check design came to mind.  How easy is that- still keeping with the simplicity of the piecework, but using my stash, and making a manly-looking quilt, this design fit all of my criteria!

Oversized Check Quilt- close up

I threw in the black solid American Made Brand fabric to create more depth and contrast in the design.  I had some various plaid fabrics laying around (upcycled from some old flannel shirts) and thought this would create an interesting detail and nice shot of color to break up the monochromatic color scheme.

And ta-dah!

Oversized Check Quilt cropped

My finished squares are about 7.75″.  Although Clothworks no longer carries Sue Zipkin’s ‘Gone Haunting’ collection of fabric, I could see this quilt design replicated using some of the tonal blender fabrics that Clothworks carries year round in the warehouse.  The whole line of Impressions- Moire, Flora, Scroll, and Sprig would make great replacements, and even the Paisley…or maybe any of the Clothworks range of Basics!


Clothworks Welcomes New Backyard with German Potluck!

Before & After Backyard Collage

Although the Summer season may feel like it’s coming to an end with kids going off to school, the weather is a different story.  Especially here in the Pacific Northwest where the Clothworks HQ is based.  With the El Nino weather pattern in full gear for this year, the meteorologists are forecasting a mild & dry Autumn season through Winter season.  Good thing we finally cleaned up our backyard just in time to enjoy the warm summer weather, and with any luck, some mild days throughout the rest of the year!  Above you can see a before & after picture.

If you’ve been following us here on the Works, we had a little help from some friends…..the goats of Amazin’ Grazers, an urban goat rental, who chewed away at all of the overgrowth in our backyard.

Before & After Bkyd Collage

It most certainly was a jungle back there.  We had no idea there was a storage shed in the back until the goats ate away at all of the bushes and brambles!  So with the backyard cleaned up, it was time to christen it, and in true Clothworks fashion, we celebrated with a POTLUCK!  Hey, the family that eats together, stays together, right?

German Potluck Collage

One of our esteemed warehouse crew members, Chef Steve (pictured above manning the grill), was excited to share a popular delicacy from his home state of Wisconsin, Usinger’s Famous Sausage.  The tag line for Usinger’s Sausage is ‘America’s Finest Sausage’….quite fitting for the folks that bring you American Made Brand Fabrics!  This set the tone for our potluck theme– a German-style Potluck with all of the essentials:  grandma’s homemade potato salad, sauerkraut, pickles, mustard and tons of fantastic side salads, as well as rich desserts including homemade kuchen made with fresh blackberries and apple strudel.  It was fun to celebrate in our new backyard patio……even if we ate like goats! 🙂

Brat lunch

AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge Deadline- One Month Away!!


The deadline to enter the Tiny Quilt Challenge sponsored by American Made Brand is quickly approaching!  With just about a month to go, entries will be accepted no later than Tuesday September 15, 2015.  As the name of this year’s quilt contest suggests, the Tiny Quilt Challenge will accept finished quilt entries made from AMB Solid Fabric, sized at 15″ x 15″ or less.

Last year’s AMB-sponsored quilt contest, The Farm to Fabric Challenge, was all about paying tribute to bringing fabric production back to the USA.  From the cotton grown in the fields to the fabric woven, dyed, and finished in the textile mills, we asked contestants to ponder the importance of bringing this booming industry back to U.S. shores.  It was the perfect theme to help debut the release of American Made Brand fabrics, a division of Clothworks.

For this year’s contest, The Tiny Quilt Challenge, it’s all about down-sizing!  Have you ever just wanted to live a simpler, pared down way of life?  See how much fun it can be to think about what you can create in the box (finished dimensions of 15″ x 15″ or less) with AMB solids!  Maybe you’ve even gathered enough scraps of American Made Brand solid fabric left over from previous projects and want to reduce your fabric stash?!!  The Tiny Quilt Challenge may have a smaller format to work with, but the possibilities of what to create are limitless!  Act quickly, as before you know it the September 15th deadline will be here!

And now for the fun part– the Prizes!  Prizes will be awarded to the top three entries in each of these four categories

1) Pieced         2)  Applique       3)  Quilting        4)  Junior Quilter (up to age 18)

1st Place: 1 yard each of the 62 colors of American Made Brand Cotton Solids, a color card and an AMB tote bag
2nd Place: 62 fat quarters – 1 each of the American Made Brand Cotton Solids, a color card and an AMB tote bag
3rd Place: 31 fat quarters of American Made Brand Cotton Solids, a color card and an AMB tote bag

Best of Show Grand Prize: An airline ticket to sunny Southern California in January 2016 plus 2 nights accommodation to see the Tiny Challenge exhibit debut at Road to California 2016!

banner 2016

Are you up for the challenge!?  Prepare to WOW us with your Tiny Quilts made from American Made Brand Fabric!  Follow this link to read further info and contest rules for The Tiny Quilt Challenge.  Read more about the Road to California by following their lovely blog, too!

Best of Luck!

Fun Friday Show & Tell with AMB!

AMB-Cover-Creative You

Happy Friday!  Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer- whether it’s been keeping cool inside working on sewing projects or basking in the sunshine outdoors.  Speaking of sewing, sunshine, and the outdoors– our friend Barbara of Enchanted Valley Arts, recently shared some fantastic pictures of a summer youth sewing camp where she is a director.  You may remember a post from a few months ago where we featured Barbara’s outstanding Puget Sound-inspired applique wall-hanging called, ‘Another Point of View‘ she designed using Western Washington Shop Hop fabric by Clothworks and In The Beginning.  Barbara works with the Clothing and Textile Advisors of Kitsap County, a group of highly skilled & trained individuals (similar to a Master Gardener program, but for textiles instead of plants) which sponsor a 4H summer sewing camp called ‘Creative You’.  During the sewing camp, these young people learned to create all sorts of fabric manipulation techniques:  dyeing, fabric stamping, shibori, etc.  After dyeing their fabrics, the campers transformed the fabrics into finished sewing projects such as pillows, tote bags, accessories, garments, etc.  Clothworks was excited to team up with Barbara and her summer sew camp by donating some American Made Brand solid fabric for use in their creations.  Below are some great pics of the sewing camp attendees in action during the creative process.

AMB Dye Process Collage

AMB Dye Process 2

AMB- Craetive You- Sewing

AMB Finished Projects 2

AMB Finished Projects

Looks like there was lots of fabric dyeing & sewing fun to be had at ‘Creative You Sewing Camp’.  How exciting to see Clothworks and American Made Brand solids used in these beautiful creations!!

AMB Thank You CreativeYou