Clothworks Show & Tell: Oversized Check Quilt

Oversized Check Quilt

Maybe it’s the impending seasonal change that has gotten me on a quilting kick, or maybe it’s a quest to use up my stash.  Who knows!?  I can’t say I can blame the mosquitoes, but that darn quilting bug has bitten me and now I’ve been making one quilt top after another lately.  I had to share this one with y’all, as it has a mix of older Clothworks prints with some American Made Brand black solids, and some up-cycled plaids thrown in for good measure.

I’m no quilting genius, I would call myself an amateur.  I admit that I’ve never sewn a triangle or a star block (but I aspire to do that some day).  I’ve only pieced with square and rectangle blocks.  And this is my 5th quilt I’ve made.  This is also my own design. I call it the Oversize Check.

Like I said, I’ve been on a quest to use up my fabric stash lately.  It’s a challenge to do that when you work here at Clothworks and you’re surrounded and shall I say, bombarded, with new, beautiful fabrics on a daily basis!  Fabric comes home with me like a lost puppy dog sometimes. 🙂  So as I was cleaning out my stash the other day I came across these tonal skull prints from a past Sue Zipkin release with a Halloween-theme called ‘Gone Haunting’.  Remember these?

Skulls- Close Up

As I continued to plot out my quilt design, I wanted to keep it simple with a masculine feeling.  This quilt would be gifted to a guy.  I drafted some sketches on my graph paper, and eureka!  An oversized check design came to mind.  How easy is that- still keeping with the simplicity of the piecework, but using my stash, and making a manly-looking quilt, this design fit all of my criteria!

Oversized Check Quilt- close up

I threw in the black solid American Made Brand fabric to create more depth and contrast in the design.  I had some various plaid fabrics laying around (upcycled from some old flannel shirts) and thought this would create an interesting detail and nice shot of color to break up the monochromatic color scheme.

And ta-dah!

Oversized Check Quilt cropped

My finished squares are about 7.75″.  Although Clothworks no longer carries Sue Zipkin’s ‘Gone Haunting’ collection of fabric, I could see this quilt design replicated using some of the tonal blender fabrics that Clothworks carries year round in the warehouse.  The whole line of Impressions- Moire, Flora, Scroll, and Sprig would make great replacements, and even the Paisley…or maybe any of the Clothworks range of Basics!


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