Houston Quilt Festival Recap: American Made Brand

Welcome to Houston

American Made Brand fabric, a division of Clothworks, may have launched about 2 years ago, but it made its first appearance at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX this past October- November.  Although AMB has created a following of dedicated shops & customers, we knew we’d continue to reach a wider audience with a booth at Quilt Festival.  Enjoy the following highlights from this past Festival!

New AMB Colors

American Made Brand is excited to add 13 New Colors to the palette for January 2016 Delivery, making a total of 75 colors!  One of the often-heard comments at Quilt Festival about the American Made Brand solid fabric was the COLOR!  So many folks remarked about the beautifully saturated colors in the AMB palette– a plentiful range of vibrant, clear tones.  The newly added 13 colors fill in the gaps with soft pastel and muted tones to add more depth to the existing palette!

AMB Festival Booth

That’s me, manning the American Made Brand booth at Quilt Festival.  As you can see, the quilts and crochet rug sampled in the AMB fabrics were so eye-catching & bursting with color, it’s no wonder we had a lot of visitors ogling the booth!

AMB swatch handouts

Our American Made Brand booth visitors did not leave empty-handed! We gave away several 2.5″ square ‘teaser’ packs of AMB, making new friends and followers along the way!  Not a bad souvenir to take home to show your local quilt shop, eh?

AMB Festival

It was loads of fun meeting & chatting with so many fabric enthusiasts at Quilt Festival.  We had several American Made Brand devotees stop by the booth to gush about their love of our fabric, but just as well, there were many AMB ‘newbies’ who had not yet heard of us!  Perhaps it was our gorgeous booth display with the bold interpretive American Flag quilt that drew many to our booth.  Or maybe we impressed them with the soft, scrumptious, drapey hand feel of American Made Brand fabric.  If anything, I noticed many a jaw drop as they discovered that American Made Brand fabric is Not Just Made Here, (but) Grown Here in the United States of America.  With Quilt Festival being in Houston, TX, we most certainly connected to the firm roots of the local cotton community!

After ‘wow-ing’ our newly-converted American Made Brand followers at the AMB Booth, it was time to point them in the direction of some of the local quilt shops that had booths set up at Quilt Festival.  If you thought our booth was colorful, check out some of these gorgeous displays!

AMB Fat Qtr Display Front Porch

Quilted Forest Collage

Yoders Full AMB display

Yoders Display Collage

Thanks to Front Porch Quilts, The Quilted Forest, Yoder’s and Rochelle’s Fine Fabrics for featuring and selling American Made Brand Fabric in their booths at Quilt Festival!

You could say American Made Brand solid fabric definitely made a ‘splash’ at Quilt Festival in Houston this year!  But it appears we were in good company and fit right in with the locals!

Frida Kahlo in AMB Booth

Quilt Festival in Houston happened to fall during Halloween this year, and a Frida Kahlo look-a-like graced us with her artistic presence in the American Made Brand booth.  I think she fits in quite perfectly with the gorgeous Empire Place Quilt as a back drop, don’t you?!

Besides Halloween, Houston was a colorful city, full of artsy inspiration and down-home style in the Land of the Free!  Could not have been a better place to showcase the vibrant home-grown cotton solid fabric of American Made Brand!

Houston Style Collage



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