Fun Friday Show & Tell

kathleen quilt 3

Although it’s a work in progress, I had to share this fun Show & Tell that our dear friend Kathleen, former Clothworks employee & talented quilter extraordinaire, is creating!  Earlier this year, Kathleen was lucky to have taken a class from the fabulous art quilter, Freddy Moran.  If you’re not familiar with Freddy Moran’s work, judging by the pictures of Kathleen’s project, you can see that her style of quilting is eclectic and does not seem to follow any ‘rules’. No regard for straight seams, raw edges on appliques, and wild color combinations are just a few of the criteria that make up Freddy Moran’s rebellious approach to creating art quilts.

Kathleen quilt 1As demonstrated in Kathleen’s project, the backgrounds in Freddy Moran’s art quilts are typically comprised of a patchwork of different monochromatic black & white printed fabrics.  I spy some black & white Clothworks fabrics from the Mojito by Skipping Stones Studio & the organic Sweet Tweets by Penguin & Fish collections.  In typical Freddy Moran style, a collage of fussy cut images clipped from various fabrics, here being a sea creature theme, are appliqued on top of the black & white pieced background.  Do you recognize the seaweed, fish, and mermaid cut from Laurel Burch fabrics in Kathleen’s project?  kathleen quilt 4

Kathleen Quilt 5

The result….a ‘psychedelic ocean scene’ art quilt!

I couldn’t find a website for Freddy Moran, but doing a search on the internet led me to a few quilting books penned by her, offered for sale on Amazon , perfect to put on your holiday wishlist ;).

And for more inspiration, just google ‘Freddy Moran’ and view the image results, and you’ll be blown away by the artistic intensity of her work!




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