Show & Tell: American Made Brand Pieced Triangle Quilt

Patty's triangle quilt

Another fun ‘show & tell’ from our friend, Patty, who has been quite prolific with her sewing projects lately!  Although it’s still a work in progress, this quilt top with the equilateral triangle piecing already has uttered a few ‘oohs & ahhs’ around the office, here.  Patty’s smart use of brights, pastels, and jewel tones from the American Made Brand solid fabric palette really make this quilt a stand out!  With the dark grey sashing, the multi-color triangle piecing really pops and almost takes on the look of a stained glass window.  I can’t wait to see the finished project!

And speaking of American Made Brand….

As we wrap up 2015, we look ahead to 2016, with the introduction of 13 new colors into the American Made Brand fabric palette.  That means there will be 75 colors total to choose from-  brights, neutrals, pastels, dark tones, and some muted tones added into the mix!

Stay posted in the New Year for more American Made Brand Solid updates and Here’s to a Happy 2016!


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