Fresh Batiks® Minerals featured in Quilters World Magazine

Quilter World Collage

Winter may have you in its grips, but Spring is just a few months away.  With a few flips of the page in the current issue of Quilter’s World magazine, you’ll find the ‘Sunny Spring Sunrise’ quilt, featuring the vibrant colors of Clothworks Fresh Batiks® Minerals.  With a skill level targeted for the confident beginner, ‘Sunny Spring Sunrise’ designed by Nancy Scott, appears to be a fun weekend quilt project to help cope with that cabin fever.

mineral batiks

These cheerful Clothworks Fresh Batiks® Minerals featured in the ‘Sunny Spring Sunrise’ quilt warm me with delight!  If this color scheme doesn’t float your boat, there’s a plethora of other choices in the Fresh Batiks® Minerals color palette– from cool blues & teals to earthy browns & forest greens, and deep lush pinks, violets, and neutrals galore!

'Sunny Spring Sunrise' quilt picture from Quilter's World magazine Spring 2016 edition.

‘Sunny Spring Sunrise’ quilt by Nancy Scott.  Quilted by Masterpiece Quilting. Picture from Quilter’s World magazine Spring 2016 edition.

I don’t know about you, but just staring at this quilt is enough therapy for me to shake those winter blues!  Purchase a copy of Quilter’s World magazine Spring 2016 at your favorite local quilt shop or newsstand, or head to the Quilter’s World website to purchase it for download.  To find a shop that stocks Fresh Batiks® Minerals by Clothworks, head to this link.

Happy Sewing!

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