Fancy That! Designer Cat Beds featuring Clothworks fabric


Designer Pet Bed manufacturer, the Cat Ball, is special in a few ways.  Not only are they a locally-based business residing here in the Pacific Northwest, just like Clothworks, but they offer their uniquely designed product made from Clothworks fabric, too!  Jennifer Schmidt, designer & brains behind her company, the Cat Ball, was once hired as a costumer designer to make a life-size soccer ball costume for a mascot of the Seattle Sounders professional soccer team.  Taking a technical approach to the project, she developed a scaled-down model of the soccer ball costume to ensure her design would function.  Her ‘A-ha!’ moment occurred one day, about a year or two after completion of the mascot costume job, when she envisioned another purpose for the small soccer ball prototype.  After letting her kittens play around with it, she knew she was on to something big.  Her kittens loved it and the Cat Ball® cat bed was born!


Jennifer was kind enough to send me a few pictures of her nifty cat beds, which are produced in 2 different shapes-   the Cat Canoe® cat bed  (shown above in the pink fabric) and the Cat Ball® cat bed shown in the pics with the blue fabric.  Her product has been featured in countless magazines, on T.V., and ships across the country and around the world.  We’re tickled to see Clothworks fabrics used in such an un-cat-ventional, ermm, unconventional way.  Recognize the pink and blue fabrics in the pictures here?   From the Here Kitty Kitty organic cotton collection, a past release by designer, Penguin & Fish.


To see more Cat-tastic Cuteness, visit the Cat Ball on the web or follow them on the Cat Ball facebook page.


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