AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge Exhibit: Upcoming Shows Announced!


American Made Brand is thrilled to announce some great news about the Tiny Quilt Challenge Exhibit.  After making its debut at the Road to California Quilt Show in Ontario, CA in January, we’ve received a few inquiries on the where-about’s and what-next’s of this exhibit.  We couldn’t be more pleased to announce that the Tiny Quilt Challenge Exhibit will be crisscrossing the country from coast to coast and back again, exhibiting at 5 upcoming shows from August 2016 through June 2017!!

Tiny Quilt= Full Exhibit

The Tiny Quilt Challenge sponsored by American Made Brand— was fun and tiny (and easy to pack up and take on the road, too)!  Mark your calendars and start planning your trips as this exhibit is scheduled to travel to the following quilt shows below:

In 2016–

In 2017–

As much as we’d love to, the American Made Brand team have no plans to attend these shows (they are busy dreaming up the next cool AMB awesomeness).  Instead, we’d love to see your pictures of the Tiny Quilt Challenge Exhibit at these upcoming shows.  This is a great opportunity for you instagram folks to share your pictures with the tags-  @americanmadebrand and #proudlyamericanmade.

To keep up to date on the latest and greatest American Made Brand news, be sure to follow us on the web here.




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