American Made Brand: Mystery Block of the Month Quilt


Happy Mondays ahead! We are excited to introduce our first Mystery block of the month: Our Land, featuring our American Made Brand solids.

Starting in May, we’ll post a new America-inspired block design the first Monday of each month. Use our suggested AMB colors or strike out on your own with an AMB palette you devise.

You’ll stay in the groove with a little inspiration every week. Every Monday, look for our blog post related to the month’s block. Tutorials, related projects, color variations, fun links, etc.

If you are thinking right now “I’m not a very advanced quilter.” “I don’t have time for this.” Or even, “I don’t like surprises!” … well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve had three expert-level quilters and a couple of regular Janes busy designing instructions and a program that is easy to follow. The quilt blocks employ different techniques so sometimes you’ll stretch your skills and others revisit your old standby methods. You have a whole month for each block, too! Plenty of time to use our tutorials and post your queries on our Instagram, blog or Facebook page.

We’ve tested the actual quilt, and it came out dandy. So quilt along with us!

Each month, submit photos of your block to #AMBmystery on Instagram for a chance to win fabulous fabric prizes. The prizes will change from month to month, and we’ll select winners randomly from all the submissions.

Journey’s end, and an opportunity to give back. With the last block design, we’ll send you finishing instructions to meet the specific guidelines of both Quilts for Kids and Quilts of Valor.  Will you choose one of these groups to share your love of our land? Or does another cause tug at your heartstrings?

Stay tuned for next Monday May 2nd, as we launch the first post about this here on the Works!

12 thoughts on “American Made Brand: Mystery Block of the Month Quilt

  1. I like the idea of using all AMB fabrics. Will there be a list of necessary AMB colors and yardage amounts to complete this mystery so all the fabric can be obtained at once for the whole quilt?

    • Hi Kathleen, so happy you’re excited for this AMB Mystery BOM Quilt! Yes, there will be a list of the necessary AMB colors and yardage amounts needed to complete the blocks and quilt. Stay tuned for each post about the block design and fabric requirements.

      • So there won’t be a total fabric yardage provided so that we can purchase all the fabric at once ?? Don’t want to have to buy the fabric monthly, since the quilt shop could either stop carrying it or not have it when we need it.

      • Hi Brenda- we will provide this information soon. Still ironing out all the details. We greatly appreciate your patience! Stay posted.

  2. I love AMB solids, and I’m looking forward to this BOM! Wish there was also a blog post link up or Flickr group in addition to Instagram, though. I’m trying to avoid unnecessary social media platforms and loading up my memory-challenged phone with apps.

    • Hi Summer, Thank you for your feedback. Instagram is easiest to follow as the hashtag #AMBmystery will make it easy to track all of the submissions. If there are any updates on other social media platforms, we’ll post that here on the blog.

    • Hi again, Summer– we are excited for you to participate in the AMB BOM Mystery quilt. If you don’t have an Instagram account, please post your images in response to our blog post.

  3. Glad to know we should use all AMB…will need to order online as local retailers only have a few colors….looking forward to a fun quilt.

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