Frou-Frou Makes US debut with Clothworks at Quilt Market

FrouFrou booth

Last weekend at the International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, UT, Clothworks was pleased to present the US debut of French sewing brand, Frou-FrouClothworks is thrilled to partner with Frou-Frou, a highly revered sewing brand from Paris, which blends the generations passed-down tradition of sewing with a modern, artful elegance.  A portion of the Clothworks booth at Quilt Market was set up to mimic a typical Frou-Frou display found in the shops throughout France.  Amidst the buzz generated during the US debut of Frou-Frou, we managed to snap a few pics of the booth to show those who weren’t able to attend Spring Quilt Market.

FrouFrou - 1-2-3 VoilaMix and Match and Easy Sewing are two of the key elements of the Frou-Frou brand displayed here in our booth.  Frou-Frou effortlessly mixes and matches prints released in their range of fabrics with their trims such as ribbons, bias tape, elastic, and spaghetti to buttons, as well as dyed-to-match thread, and applique patches.  Even notions, such as sewing boxes and scissors, coordinate with Frou-Frou’s playful prints and classic color palette!  The Frou-Frou brand’s approach to marketing its sewing products is similar to the approach in preparing & making a recipe in the kitchen.  Starting with a simple sewing pattern, much like a meal recipe, Frou-Frou aims to deliver all of the necessary ingredients including the sewing pattern, fabrics, trims, and notions used to create an elegant creation in perhaps just an hour or in less than a day!

FrouFrou - bag display

This image above illustrates the ease of mixing and matching the fabrics and trims to produce all kinds of beautiful creations- pouches, bags, and garments, to name a few.  In fact, some of the trims offered in the Frou-Frou brand, like the iron-on bias tape, allow one to create a no-sew tote bag in just minutes!  Oh-la-la!

If you missed the Frou-Frou booth and Clothworks at Quilt Market this past weekend, you can visit our Frou-Frou website to learn more and sign up to become or retailer.

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