Winners Announced: AMB Mystery Quilt Block 1 Entries

Block 1 Submissions Collage

A BIG THANKS to all the finished block entries we received for A View From The Shore pattern, Block 1 of the AMB Mystery Quilt, Our Land.  Above is a collage of the entries we received.   From Top to Bottom, Left to Right- Row One: Sharon Decker, Quilting on My Mind, Ruth Locke.  Row Two: Mary Sekula, Lori Ferrari-McCoy, Elm Street Quilts.  Row Three: Carolyn Walsh, Béatrice Marotte, Barbara Roberts.  Thank you again for sharing your gorgeous block creations!

Three entries were selected at random for a chance to win some of the fun prizes shown here:


Drum roll please!  The 3 lucky winners are:

Mary Sekula

Mary Sekula Block 1

Ruth Locke

Ruth Locke rthlocke@gmail Block 1

Béatrice Marotte

Beatrice CollageNote–Béatrice submitted 2 entries and we thought it was pretty neat to show both of her blocks!

Congratulations to the winners! We will contact you for your shipping addresses to send your prizes.

Block 2 of the AMB Mystery Quilt, The Most Perfect Hill, was posted here on the Works yesterday.  We can’t wait to see your entries for a chance to win some more fun prizes.  You can post your finished block to Instagram using #AMBmystery or you can email your photo to info@ clothworks dot com .

17 thoughts on “Winners Announced: AMB Mystery Quilt Block 1 Entries

  1. Please remove my email from this post and cancel my subscription. I’ve already sent two requests to cancel and still receive it.

    Joy Todora

  2. Hello, I am unsure of the instructions when they say “press to the backside”. Also I have tried to access the Qnn video regarding Invisible Machine Applique and I keep getting looped around without access to the video (I have registered). I can contact Qnn tomorrow for help with that but need clearer instructions for preparing the templates. Is there a place I can go on YouTube that you would suggest? Thank you, Carolyn Walsh

    • Hi Carolyn:
      Let me know if this is clear-
      2. Pin or use a dab of glue stick to position template on wrong side of fabric. Leave at least ½” between template shapes for seam allowances. Use your rotary cutter and ruler or scissors to cut around each shape adding a ¼” seam allowance as you do. Do not remove the freezer paper. Press to backside the top curved edge of fabric on templates #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.

  3. OK, I found the You Tube instructions from Fons and Porter. Do I go ahead and press the seam allowance to the freezer paper all the way around each of the templates? So, in essence when joining the pieces I am joining the edges of the turned in edge? Is that correct?

    Thank you, Carolyn Walsh

    • You just iron back the top (rounded) edge of the hills to the backside (toward the freezer paper). This will create a finished edge for the top of your hills when you stitch them.

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