AMB Mystery Quilt: Block 2 Entries & More!

Block 2 CollageWe’ve made it through another month!  June is just about to wrap up, and so is Block 2, The Most Perfect Hill, from our AMB Mystery Quilt Challenge- ‘Our Land‘!  Thanks to all who shared their beautiful block creations with us through Instagram and email this past month.  The Most Perfect Hill block may have been an uphill battle in terms of piecing, but judging from all of the entries we received, it appears you kicked it into gear and met the challenge!

As we approach the July 4th holiday weekend, we plan to continue our scheduled Monday posts for the AMB Mystery Quilt .  Be sure to check back here on the Works this Monday, July 4th to see the unveiling of Block 3 and winner announcement of the Block 2 entries, too.

So let’s give credit to all of those who shared their Block 2 versions with us!

Block 2 Collage

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Row 1: Béatrice Marotte, Donette Backlund, Carolyn Walsh,  Sharon Decker

Row 2: Betty Cruikshank, Jennifer Barnes, Lori Ferrari-McCoy, Barbara Roberts

Row 3: Eileen Ryan-QOV block, Eileen Ryan- QFK block, Cynthia Pugh- quilted block, Patty Dudek

Row 4: Laura Johnson, Anne Miro

Fantastic work, ladies!!  Thanks again for sharing your lovely block creations and showing us your quilting skills!  We’ll make the winner announcement in our next AMB Mystery Quilt post this Monday July 4th.  Here’s another peek at the prizes for this round of the challenge.

20160624_110640 (002)

Although the call for entries of Block 1-View from the Shore ended last month in May, we received a few blocks during the month of June.  Let’s show off these lovely Block 1 creations!

Block 1 Late Entries Collage

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:

Row 1:  Laura Johnson, Cynthia Pugh- quilted

Row 2:  neelie13 from Instagram, Donette Backlund

Fab work, everyone, keep it up!!   Have a happy, fun, and safe Fourth of July.  See you back here on Monday, July 4th with a new AMB Mystery Quilt post, presenting Block 3!!

One thought on “AMB Mystery Quilt: Block 2 Entries & More!

  1. Lovely work, fellow piecers! Alas,y block has not been started yet, because my two precious granddaughters help so much! But, it will be made.

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