American Made Mystery BOM Quilt: Block 4 The Mountains Are Calling: The Wilderness Awaits


CC Image “The Perfect Picnic” courtesy of Personal Creations on Flickr (website:

Whether mountain, seaside or desert, late August is the perfect time for a hike! Lay aside needle and thread for a bit, and head into the kitchen to create delicious snacks and picnic meals that will keep you and your family energized and positive for a full day of nature exploration. Want to get going without all the prep? PB&J, ready-made tuna salad pouches, or a sandwich picked up from your favorite local deli work just as well. Don’t forget to include some treats – dark chocolate is a hiking classic – and plenty of water. Tip: get tired kids to hustle on that last bit of trail back to the parking lot with the promise of cold root beer. Stash a cooler of sodas in the trunk for a little after-hiking – you’ll enjoy it, too!

 If you’re just tuning into the Our Land Mystery BOM here on the Works, please find all 4 current blocks in the links below:

Find Block 4 “The Mountains Are Calling” here.

Find Block 3 “In Every Desert Hides a Well” here.

Find Block 2 “The Most Perfect Hill” here.

Find Block 1 “View From the Shore” here.

For a chance to win some great prizes, be sure to share photos of your finished Block 4 on Instagram with the tag #AMBmystery, or email your picture to: info at Clothworks dot com

We received 2 new Block 4 entries last week.  Check them out!

Patty Dudek Block 4

Patty Dudek

Check out her blog post about Block 4, too.

Jennfer Barnes Block 4

Jennifer Barnes

Thank you, ladies, for sharing your beautiful Block 4 creations!



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