American Made Mystery BOM Quilt: Block 4 Entries- The Mountains Are Calling

Mountains Block 4 Collage

Block 4 Entries- From Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Row 1- Patty Dudek, Summer King, Mary Sekula; Row 2- Cynthia Pugh, Barbara Roberts, Jennifer Barnes; Row 3- Sue Pecotte, Michelle Stachowiak

It’s the end of August, and we’re just about to wrap up Month 4 of the Our Land AMB Mystery BOM.  We hope you’ve been enjoying the weekly posts and finding inspiration as the journey takes us on a hike through the mountains.  As of last Friday, we’ve had 8 talented quilters share their entries for Block 4, “The Mountains Are Calling“.  Check them out in the collage above!!  It’s been so much fun seeing how everyone interprets their block creations.  There are still a few days left until the end of the month.  We’ll be announcing winners for Block 4 here on the Works on September 1st, 2016.  For those who are working up until the last minute, please share your photos of your finished Block 4 on Instagram with the tag #AMBmystery, or email your picture to: info at Clothworks dot com by August 31st for a chance to win some fab prizes!

Let’s showcase last week’s AMB Mystery Quilt Block 4 entries.

Mary Sekula:

Mary Sekula Block 4


Cynthia Pugh:

Cynthia Pugh Block 4

Cynthia has taken her blocks to the next level and is quilting them as she goes.  She shared this picture of her 4 blocks all together:

Cynthia Pugh Blocks 1-2-3-4

Barbara Roberts:

Barbara Roberts Block 4

Summer King:

Summer King Block 4

Summer wrote in for the first time last week since the AMB Mystery Quilt BOM launched.  She shared her Block 4 entry, along with images of her first 3 blocks.  The rich colors in the American Made Brand solid cotton palette, as well as her experience as a geologist, influenced her color and design decisions.  That mountain point in her Block 4 may have been trimmed, but that’s because her mountain is a cinder-cone volcano 🙂

Check out all 4 of her blocks below; pieced with the vibrant American Made Brand solid colors.  And be sure to follow her quilting endeavors on her blog.

Summer King Collage

Thanks again to all who have shared their blocks so far.   We encourage others to share their AMB Mystery Quilt blocks who haven’t yet.  We know you’re out there! 🙂

 If you’re just tuning into the Our Land Mystery BOM here on the Works, please find all 4 current blocks in the links below:

Find Block 4 “The Mountains Are Calling” here.

Find Block 3 “In Every Desert Hides a Well” here.

Find Block 2 “The Most Perfect Hill” here.

Find Block 1 “View From the Shore” here.




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