American Made Mystery BOM Quilt: Block 6- Canyonlands Block Entries

From left to right- Top Row: Patty Dudek, Jennifer Barnes, Vera Patterson; Middle Row: Mary Sekula, Michelle Stachowiak; Bottom Row: Cynthia Pugh, Carolyn Walsh, Jennifer Stevenson

Welcome back to another installment of American Made Mystery BOM Mondays here on the Works!  Happy Halloween and happy end of the month to you.  Since it’s the last day of October, it’s perfect timing to show off the Block 6 entries we’ve received so far.  I must say, this month’s entries have really been inspiring as far as the color goes.  Similar to the unique color combinations found in the natural scenic beauty of the canyons, it seems that all of the participants for this month’s BOM entries interpreted their blocks using some really gorgeous color choices.  Well done, everyone, and many thanks to all who shared their blocks!

If you love to burn the midnight oil, there is still a little bit of time left to share your finished Block 6 for a chance to win some great prizes.  Be sure to share your photo on Instagram tagged #AMBmystery or email your picture to info at Clothworks dot com — no later than 3 pm Pacific Daylight Time today!  We will announce the winners & reveal the prizes in tomorrow’s blog post.  Good luck!

Download the PDF pattern for  Block 6 “Canyonlands” here.

 If you’re just tuning into the Our Land Mystery BOM here on the Works, please find the previous 5 blocks in the links below:

Find Block 5 “Amongst The Trees” here.

Find Block 4 “The Mountains Are Calling” here.

Find Block 3 “In Every Desert Hides a Well” here.

Find Block 2 “The Most Perfect Hill” here.

Find Block 1 “View From the Shore” here.

Last week, we received the following Block 6 entry.

Thank you, Vera Patterson, for sharing your ‘Canyonlands’ block with us!



Thanks, Cynthia Pugh, for sharing your Block 6……with quilting!  Nice work!




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