AMB Mystery BOM Quilt: Correction to QOV Finishing Instructions


Thank you to all the quilters out there who have been quilting along and sharing images of your finished blocks for the AMB Mystery Block of the Month Quilt called ‘Our Land’.  Now that the BOM series has completed, we’ve received some feedback on the quilt finishing portion.

For the Quilts of Valor version, a cutting error was found on the first page of the finishing instructions under QOV Border Stars. In the cutting instructions for the colors marked as ‘C’, please cut 2″ squares, not 2 ½” squares as previously listed.

We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration that this may have caused.

Follow this link for the updated Quilts of Valor finishing instructions.

The QOV finishing instructions have also been updated in the previous blog post here.

We’d love to see how you finish your AMB Mystery Quilt!  Please share pics of your finished quilts on Instagram with the tag #AMBMystery or email info at Clothworks dot com.


‘Our Land’- Quilts of Valor version pieced by Gayle Noyes & quilted by Loretta Orsborne


3 thoughts on “AMB Mystery BOM Quilt: Correction to QOV Finishing Instructions

  1. I really enjoyed making this quilt and loved each of the blocks ! Will you be coming up with another BOM anytime soon ?

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