AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge Exhibit: 2017 Dates Announced!

tiny-quilt-challenge_webWe may currently be in the thick of this year’s AMB Mystery Block of the Month challenge, but last year in 2015, we hosted the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge.  The winners of the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge debuted in an exhibition shown at this past year’s Road to California Quilt Show in Ontario, CA in January 2016.  From there, the exhibition made a stop at the World Quilt New England Show in Manchester, NH in August of 2016.  Then in September 2016, it headed to Oaks, PA to be featured at the Pennsylvania Nation Quilt Extravaganza.  American Made Brand is excited to announce that the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge exhibition will continue to travel to more shows in 2017!

Mark your calendars and start planning your trips!  The AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge exhibit will be featured at the following 3 shows:

Although representatives of American Made Brand can not make it to these shows, we’d love to hear from you if you attend them.  Feel free to contact us and send us some pictures of your experience seeing the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge Exhibition at these shows.


AMB Mystery BOM: Winners of Block 6 ‘Canyonlands’


A big thanks to all for sharing your Block 6 ‘Canyonland’ entries with us.  We’ve selected 3 winners from this month’s round of entries to win some of these fab American Made Brand prizes shown above.

Congratulations to:

Vera Patterson:


Michelle Stachowiak:


Jennifer Barnes:


I’ll be contacting the winners by email for their mailing address information.

Stay posted for next Monday’s American Made Brand Mystery BOM post to see the revealing of Block 7!

Winners Announced: AMB Mystery Quilt Block 1 Entries

Block 1 Submissions Collage

A BIG THANKS to all the finished block entries we received for A View From The Shore pattern, Block 1 of the AMB Mystery Quilt, Our Land.  Above is a collage of the entries we received.   From Top to Bottom, Left to Right- Row One: Sharon Decker, Quilting on My Mind, Ruth Locke.  Row Two: Mary Sekula, Lori Ferrari-McCoy, Elm Street Quilts.  Row Three: Carolyn Walsh, Béatrice Marotte, Barbara Roberts.  Thank you again for sharing your gorgeous block creations!

Three entries were selected at random for a chance to win some of the fun prizes shown here:


Drum roll please!  The 3 lucky winners are:

Mary Sekula

Mary Sekula Block 1

Ruth Locke

Ruth Locke rthlocke@gmail Block 1

Béatrice Marotte

Beatrice CollageNote–Béatrice submitted 2 entries and we thought it was pretty neat to show both of her blocks!

Congratulations to the winners! We will contact you for your shipping addresses to send your prizes.

Block 2 of the AMB Mystery Quilt, The Most Perfect Hill, was posted here on the Works yesterday.  We can’t wait to see your entries for a chance to win some more fun prizes.  You can post your finished block to Instagram using #AMBmystery or you can email your photo to info@ clothworks dot com .

On the Road Again: AMB on Tour at Upcoming Quilt Festivals!


American Made Brand fabrics will be making the quilt exhibit circuit, featured in some gorgeous quilts at a few quilt festivals this Autumn!  Quilts made of American Made Brand solids featured in the Farm to Fabric Challenge from 2014, as well as the lovely AMB License Plate Quilt (as shown above) will be shown in 3 upcoming quilt festivals.  Fill up your gas tanks, rev up your engines, and take a road trip to these quilt festivals to view the American Made Brand Farm to Fabric Challenge Quilt Exhibit.  Here’s your chance to see these absolutely fantastic quilts in person:

September 17-20, 2015 – Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza XXII- Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA

October 8-10, 2015 – Quiltfest Oasis Palm Springs- Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, CA

October 15- 18, 2015- Pacific International Quilt Festival XXIV- Santa Clara, CA


Last year in 2014, in conjunction with the debut of American Made Brand solid fabrics, we hosted the Farm to Fabric Quilt Challenge where entrants were asked to design & make their quilts using the beautiful assortment of American Made Brand solid fabrics and answer the theme question: What does it mean to you, your family or your community to bring fabric production back to America to use in your American made quilts?  Several applicants submitted quilts, but through the juried contest, a handful of the best quilts were selected to be exhibited.  Clothworks is excited to continue touring the Farm to Fabric Challenge Quilt exhibit so that you may have a chance to admire these amazing quilts made from AMB!


You might also remember from last year here on the Works, we took you on the AMB Blog Tour– a virtual road trip visiting all 50 States in the USA, meeting a new blogger per state, and viewing their contribution to the AMB License Plate Quilt.  This quilt will also be featured along with the Farm to Fabric Challenge Quilt Exhibit at the upcoming quilt festivals mentioned above.

The Farm to Fabric Challenge Exhibit along with the AMB License Plate Quilt was shown at The World Quilt Show in Manchester, NH from August 13-15.  Although we missed it, you can read the account of it from our blogger friend, Victoria of Park Hill Farm, also known as ‘Ms. New Hampshire’ on the AMB Road Trip Blog Tour.

And just a reminder…..

It’s not too late to enter into this year’s American Made Brand Quilt Challenge, The Tiny Quilt Challenge for 2015.  We are still taking entries through September 15, 2015.  This year we’re extremely excited to offer a ‘Junior’ category for entrants below the age of 18!


Read here for full details on how to enter and register your quilt into the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge…… and Good Luck!



The Importance of Labeling Your Quilt: A Tutorial

Finished label on quilt

How to add a label to a completed quilt- The License Plate Quilt by American Made Brands sponsored by Clothworks.

One of the often overlooked, but very critical details in making a quilt is the addition of a label.  There’s so much thought put into preparing and creating a quilt masterpiece:  designing or choosing a quilt pattern, selecting fabric & calculating yardage, cutting & piecing, adding sashing and borders, preparing the backing, and finally, quilting and binding.  It’s no wonder that making a label for the quilt is sometimes a forgotten step in the process or even an afterthought, if that.

Here’s why it’s important to make a label for your quilt–

1)  Give yourself credit!  You’ve spent lots of time putting your heart & soul, and maybe some blood, sweat, and tears, into making your quilt creation.  Whether you give it away to someone special or enter it into a quilt show- it’s important to give yourself credit by labeling  your work.  Who knows- decades or centuries down the road- your masterpiece quite possibly could end up in the Smithsonian and it would be a shame to have it credited to ‘unknown’.

2)  Tracking a lost quilt will be easier to find with a label!  Although we don’t like to think about the unfortunate events of losing something in the mail, sometimes it does happen when we ship through the USPS, or UPS and FedEx.  And if you’re planning to pack your quilt in your luggage when you fly, sometimes your luggage might not make it to your destination, either.  Of course you can always give a visual description of your quilt design & fabric to the lost & found clerk, but they might have a different idea of what ‘flying geese’ are. Having a label with your name and other contact information could make it 100 times easier to locate your lost quilt, speeding up the reunion between you and your quilt.

3)  Having a label on your quilt is part of the criteria when entering it into a show!  See reasons above- with so many quilts entered into a show, you will receive much deserved credit for your beautiful design & it will be 100 times easier to have your quilt returned to you quickly if you have a quilt label sewn on to the quilt with accurate contact information.  The advantage of having a quilt label that’s sewn on to your quilt is that there’s no tag that falls off or paperwork that is mis-pinned to it.

Here’s what information to put on your quilt label–

If you’re entering the quilt into a show, here’s an example of the information to include on your labels:


As you can see above- these labels are for quilts that were entered into the Farm to Fabric Challenge sponsored by American Made Brand fabrics by Clothworks.  These quilt labels were labeled with the following information:

Name of Quilt Show

Title of Quilt

Name of Quilt Designer & Maker

City & State of Quilt Designer & Maker

Dimensions of Quilt listed in inches– Width by Length

Those labels are just an example of what information to include.  Be sure to check with the quilt show in which you are entering your quilt as they may have specific quilt label guidelines.  If you plan to give your quilt as a gift to someone, you can choose to make your label more personal by adding an endearing message.  And as mentioned above, if you are nervous about your quilt becoming ‘lost’ in transit, it might be a good idea to add an email address or phone number as a point of contact.

So, when do you add a quilt label during the quilt making process?

It’s best to apply the quilt label to your quilt back before you quilt your top, batting, and backing together.  Sew the label to the quilt backing fabric, then quilt away and add your binding to complete your quilt.  That way, your label is securely sewn into your quilt and will never fall off—unless you are crazy enough to rip out all of the quilting.

Help!  How to add a quilt label to a completely finished quilt?!

Maybe you’ve gained some insight after reading this blog post, with the cogs & wheels turning in your brain now as you stare at that pile of quilts that are nearly completely but have no quilt label!  You’re in luck- we’ve created an easy pictorial tutorial to solve the problem– thanks to resident Clothworks quilting queen, Toni B. for her guidance and help!!

EZ Tutorial:  How to Add a Quilt Label to A Completed Quilt


Remember the American Made Brand License Plate Quilt made up of license plate blocks by our highly talented bloggers from all 50 states during the AMB Blog Tour Roadtrip last year?  Well, after all of that stunning work in putting together that beauty of a quilt– YUP! You guessed it– we forgot to make a label for it!

Good thing there’s a product on the market such as this– Iron-On Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets for Ink Jet Printers.

Quick Fuse Iron On Labels

Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on how to make a label on your computer to print using your ink jet printer.

AMB License Plate Label- Pinked edges

Here’s our lovely label printed on to one of the Fusible Fabric Sheets.  As you can see, September, our amazing Graphic Designer here at Clothworks, did a fantastic job making an easy-to-read label which credits all of the talented contributors of our AMB License Plate Quilt.  Toni B. pinked the edges of the label to prevent fraying, since we will not be sewing the label on to the back of the finished quilt.

AMB License Plate Label back of page

Notice the ‘gummy’ fusible backing on the fabric label.

Position label on quilt

Place the fabric label to the back of your completed quilt and position where desired.  Here, we are placing the label on the lower right corner of the back of the quilt.  Since you will be ironing the fabric label to fuse it to the back of the quilt, place the quilt and label on top of an ironing board.

Fusing Label to quilt

After you’ve positioned your quilt label, use a protective iron sheet to place over your fusible quilt label before you apply your iron.  This will ensure that you do not burn the fabric and cause any nasty marks on your beautiful label.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying the iron to your label.

Finished label on quilt

And ta-da!!!  You have successfully added a quilt label to your completed quilt!  Allow your label and quilt to cool a little after ironing.  Check to make sure all areas of the label have been adequately adhered to the quilt and you’re good to go!

Happy Quilting!


Fun New Projects with AMB Solids!

100 Blocks coverThe newest edition of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks – Summer 2015, Vol.11 has 2 blocks made with American Made Brand solid fabric by Clothworks gracing its cover!!  Head to your LQS(local quilt shop) or other retailer of quilting magazines to pick up a copy and learn how to make these dazzling quilt blocks!

You may remember last summer during the AMB Roadtrip License Plate Blog Hop, our very own Ms. Texas— Emily Breclaw of The Caffeinated Quilter created this nifty block called ‘Hexadaisy’.  I’m loving her choice of AMB solid colors here– the vibrant daisy petals on top of the tonal lime green pieced background.  Quite a clever design and one for the ‘hexie-obsessed’ piece quilter!

Block 1037One more quilt block pieced with AMB solids was also spotted in this new edition of Quiltmakers 100 Blocks, entitled ‘Crocus and Daffodil’.  I’m really into this complimentary-inspired color combination with shades of purples and greens playing off of each contrasted by pale yellow and grey!  Very fresh!

block #1063As you can tell from these quilt blocks, the vibrant range of colors offered in the AMB solid collection make it very easy to create eye-catching designs with skilled use of color theory.  Solids never looked so interesting when you use American Made Brand fabric for piecing!

Also spotted in this edition of Quiltmakers 100 Blocks is an ad for the upcoming Tiny Quilt Challenge using American Made Brand solid fabric!!

Tiny Quilt Challenge adMark your calendars– Call for entries begins in just 2 weeks- May 15th!  Head to this link to read more about how to enter The Tiny Quilt Challenge and best of luck :)!

One more AMB-related story— Today is May 1st, which means that the Hillside Houses QuiltALong at Pretty Little Quilts is beginning.  Follow Pretty Little Quilts on instagram or head to their blog to download blocks for the Hillside Houses Quilt.  Cristina of Pretty Little Quilts made another stunning example of American Made Brand solids in her nifty quilt design, Hillside Houses pictured below.

hillside houses



Colorful ‘Carnival Quilt’ in AMB solids


Our friend, Melissa of Lilac Lane Patterns, sent me this dazzling pic of a quilt she made using American Made Brand solid fabrics by Clothworks!  You may remember Melissa from our AMB Blog Tour this past summer when we stopped in her beautiful state of Kansas.  Not only is she extremely talented & artistically gifted, but she shares her passion for sewing & creating with her daughters who are budding sewing-enthusiasts-in-the-making!  In fact, those girls already have a quilt or two and a few clothing projects under their belts!

Originally intended as a quilt to enter into the Farm to Fabric Challenge, this stunning quilt was just a bit too small in size.  That’s ok though.  Knowing Melissa, she plans to write it up as a pattern/ download & post it on her blog at Lilac Lane.  Melissa calls this quilted masterpiece, ‘Carnival Quilt‘, and I can see why!  The mix of punchy colors & soft pastel hues recall the jazzy neon lights on the carnival rides and the yummy cotton candy & ice cream sweets found at the fair.  But it’s the piecing that creates movement as the colors collide and send my eyes jumping all over the quilt like a highly energetic child on a sugar rush in a bounce house!  Can you smell the funnel cakes, yet?  Head on over to Melissa’s site, Lilac Lane and keep your eyes peeled for this festive quilt!

And speaking of American Made Brand Solids… we are excited to announce that 12 additional colors will be added to the assortment for January 2015 delivery!

Light Olive, Coral, Light Eggplant, Dark Brick, Light Gold, Red, Blue, Light Royal Blue, Dark Sky, Light Emerald, Emerald, and Mint!


In the Press: Delightfully-Designed Quilts by Anita Peluso

modern chain magazine- gen Q

A page from the new edition of Generation Q magazine highlighting quilt design ‘Modern Chain’ by Anita Peluso

Here are a couple of fun quilts featured in some recent editions of quilt magazines by Anita Peluso.  You may remember Anita from the AMB Blog Tour— this talented local quilt designer represented the state of Washington!  If you’re not familiar with Anita’s marvelous work, do check out her blog Bloomin’ Workshop, where she frequently posts about new projects and her inspiration.  Her clean aesthetic combined with her eye for detail really shine through in her work!  Featured in the November/ December 2014 edition of Generation Q Magazine is a modernly pleasing take on a chain quilt, aptly named ‘Modern Chain’.

Gen Q magazine

Ask for the November/December 2014 edition of Generation Q Magazine at your local quilt shop!

‘Modern Chain’ by Anita Peluso has pieces together elements of minimalism and distinctively graphic design.  The use of neutral shades and pops of bright color found in the color pallet of American Made Brand solids by Clothworks work very well together in this gorgeous design!

Modern Chain Gen Q

Look for American Made Brand solid fabrics at your local quilt shop, or purchase the quilt kit from Gathering Fabric Quilt Shop in Woodinville, Washington!


Spotted in the Fall 2014 edition of Fons & Porter’s Quilting Quickly is another stunning Anita Peluso design called Crossed Paths’.  Another chain-pieced quilt pattern, this traditional-meets-modern quilt uses prints from the Vienna Garden collection by Skipping Stones Studio, released by Clothworks.


Picture from ‘Fons & Porters Love of Quilting‘ showing the Crossed Paths quilt by Anita Peluso using Vienna Garden fabrics by Clothworks.

Head over to Fons & Porters Love of Quilting to find out more info on Crossed Paths.  Follow this link to purchase the digital pattern of Crossed Paths, too!


Happy stitching……and a Happy Halloween, too!  Enjoy the weekend and be safe!


More Houston Quilt Market Sneak Peek!

Pinwheel Jam 1

As you’ve noticed around here at the Works, we’ve been hyping one of our most recent fabric collection releases from this past year, American Made Brand solids!!  Clothworks is excited to offer consumers a fabric that is literally rooted and anchored here in the USA!  At no point in the process,  from cotton fields to finished fabric on bolts ready to ship to your local quilt shop, does the production go off-shore!  Clothworks will be highlighting the American Made Brand solid fabrics at the International Quilt Market in Houston, TX set to take place this weekend, October 25th- 27th, 2014.  For those of you who won’t be able to make it to Market, here’s another sneak peek of what will be shown in the Clothworks booth.   Pictured here, made in some gorgeous AMB solids, is a quilt entitled ‘Pinwheel Jam’ designed by Emily Breclaw of The Caffeinated Quilted.

Pinwheel Jam close up 1

You might remember Emily from this summer’s American Made Brand Blog Tour/ Roadtrip.  She represented her state Texas and is quite a talented and prolific quilter!  I’m loving the optical illusions that Emily has created in this quilt design by playing with the various hues and shades offered in the American Made Brand solid collection.  Check out what Emily has to say about her inspiration and process in her blog post about Pinwheel Jam and head over to her site on Craftsy to purchase the pattern for download, too!

Pinwheel Jam Quilting Close Up

Before this quilt was packed away to be taken to display in Houston, I snapped one more pic–up close of the quilting- as it adds another layer of complexity to this vibrant quilt design.  Emily’s beautiful quilt Pinwheel Jam was brought to life by the exquisite quilting of her long-arm quilter, Amy Jameson!

If you’re lucky to attend the International Quilt Festival this weekend in Houston, please stop by the Clothworks booth #244 to admire this lovely quilt and say hi! And while you’re at Quilt Market, be sure to view the juried exhibition of quilts on display in the Farm to Fabric Challenge using American Made Brand solid fabrics!




AMB License Plate Quilt…..Home at Last!



The American Made Brand License Plate Quilt has finally made it home…all in one piece!  Kudos to the prompt turn-around and lovely quilting job by longarm quilter, Loretta Orsborn, of Orsborn Specialty Quilting.  Loretta really had her hands full when it came to quilting this quilt!!  With 50 blocks that are sized as an actual license plate, plus sashing and borders– it all amounted to one seriously large quilt!!  Maybe almost as big as Texas 🙂

Here are my pictorial attempts in trying to capture this American Beauty, all made using American Made Brand solid fabrics.


Let’s give a round of applause to all who lent a hand in making this quilt happen!  Thanks to Candice, our Creative Director and Marketing Whiz, who organized the AMB blog tour.  A Standing ‘O’ goes out to all 50 of our Blogger friends, or as I like to call them, our State Ambassadors, who provided their talent and sewing ingenuity to create these distinctive state license plate blocks.  Hats off to Toni B, our Sample Room Extraordinaire and Quilting Queen who designed the layout and pieced the quilt top, and kudos to Loretta Orsborn, the quilter, who completed this quilt!!!  Bravo!!!

IMAG1480 IMAG1479