Quilts of Valor: We Salute You, Jason!

Toni and her sonHere’s to another very special veteran, as we honor them for their service with a Quilt of Valor made from love by Clothworks and friends!  Pictured above, at left, is the magnificent Toni B., Quilting Queen and Sample Room Extraordinaire here at the Works.  She is presenting the 2nd and final quilt made from blocks constructed during the Everything Blue Block Hop to her son, Jason, pictured at the right.  Jason most recently completed 12 years with the military, serving in the following countries:  Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  We’re not permitted to disclose Jason’s job description as it is labeled classified, but his mother speaks highly of his brilliant mind!  From Toni’s description, it’s quite natural for Jason to carry on a heavy conversation about chemistry, physics, and all sorts of science-related stuff!  I don’t know about you, but most of those subjects are way over my head– so I’m in total awe!!  Jason, we salute you for your all of your hard work and commitment to serving the USA!!  Thank you and we hope you enjoy the quilt!!

And…. a big thanks to all the folks who had a hand in making these quilts made from designer Marsha McCloskey’s gorgeous line, Everything Blue!  Everything Blue was such a popular line of fabric, Marsha has designed a follow-up collection called Everything Blue II.   Keep your eyes peeled for this fabric collection to pop up at a local quilt shop.  Many, many thanks to Toni B., along with retired Clothworks employee Bonnie, for all of their countless hours and hard work in designing the layout and piecing all of the block hop blocks together- with sashing, cornerstones, and borders- for both quilts! Also–much thanks to Loretta Orsborn for her fabulous quilting!

With all that being said….Happy Thanksgiving to all of our fabulous followers of The Works!  We wish you safe travels and a wonderful time with family & friends!

Quilts of Valor: We Salute You, Michael!


It might be a week after Veteran’s Day, but it’s never too late to salute and honor the veterans in our lives.  You may remember from last year, the crew here at Clothworks working on a few quilt projects constructed from Marsha McCloskey’s Everything Blue collection.  Most of us in the office and a few talented bloggers we know, contributed enough quilt blocks during the Everything Blue Block Hop that were transformed into 2 large quilts.  The Red, White, & Blue color scheme of these quilts took on a patriotic mood, and it was only appropriate to donate them to a veteran.  Since there are a few members of the Clothworks team that have a special veteran in their lives, we couldn’t look any further from them.

Pictured above from left to right is our lovely Susan (who works in Customer Service/ Order Entry at Clothworks), her husband Michael (Vietnam Veteran), and Ted (CEO of Clothworks).  We presented 1 of the 2 Quilts of Valor we made to Michael.  Michael served as a Medical/Dental Specialist at Camp Kue Army Hospital in Okinawa from 1970-1973.  We salute Michael and hope this quilt will serve as a reminder of our appreciation for his service!

Stay tuned soon in a separate post as we salute another special veteran with the other Quilts of Valor Quilt we completed.

Everything Blue Blocks: Quilted to Perfection!

Everything Blue Quilts CollageGood things may come in small packages, but last Friday here at Clothworks, it came in a large brown box addressed from one of our talented long arm quilters.  If you’ve been following The Works these past few months, maybe you’ve witnessed the transformation of the Everything Blue Block Hop Blocks- from block contributions, to quilt layout, to piecing, and now finally, quilt completion!  Most of you quilters out there know that feeling when you receive your quilt back from the long arm quilter– you feel like the most anxious child at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning, just waiting to tear open a present under the tree!!  It’s a truly joyous experience to see your quilt finally completed with backing, quilting, and finished edges.  We felt no differently when we opened our big brown box addressed from our long arm quilter, Loretta Orsborn of Orsborn Specialty Quilting.

Loretta did a fantastic job on the quilting– I hope I captured the gorgeous design below that she created on her long arm machine.  I love how it mimics the scrolly & viney motifs that dominate the essence of the Everything Blue fabric collection by Marsha McCloskey.  Do check out Loretta’s site to see more of her talented long arm work.

up close pic of quilting- everything blue

To refresh your memory, after seeing a poignant news story by Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly News about the Quilts of Valor foundation, we decided to take all of the block contributions in the Everything Blue Block Hop and make not just one, but two quilts to donate to this fantastic organization.  A big thank you goes out to all of the talented contributors of the Everything Blue blocks, as well as our resident quilting experts Toni B. and Bonnie who did the layout and piecing, and Loretta Orsborn, the long arm quilter.  Now that the quilts are finally completed, they’re ready to ship off to the Quilts of Valor foundation where they will go home with a brave soldier who so valiantly served our country. And who couldn’t salute that?!!!

EB Quilt 1 Framed

EB Quilt 2 Framed

Everything Blue Blocks Transformed!

QOV before sashing

Before we close out the year here at Clothworks, we’re excited to show off some progress that’s been made with those Everything Blue quilt blocks.  Last time we posted, we were playing around with the layout of these blocks, as shown in the picture above, preparing to make 2 quilts from all of the lovely block entries into the Everything Blue Block Hop.  Once the quilts are completed, we will be donating them to the Quilts of Valor Foundation, a charitable organization that gives quilts to veterans and soldiers who have served our country.

Both of our expert quilters:  Toni, sample room extraordinaire, and Bonnie, who works in design, have worked their magic– sashing, cornerstones, borders, and even flat piping details have all been stitched with love to create TWO amazing quilt tops!   We’re pleased to present you with the current progress on our quilts.  Feast your eyes……


Below is a close up pic showing that fun pop of red in the flat piping used between the sashed quilt blocks and the wider border:

red flat piping detail QOV

And here’s a full view of the 2nd quilt top:


Check back on The Works to see further progress on these quilts!