Quilt Mkt Recap: New AMB Cotton Solids + Quilt Inspiration!

American Made Brand solid cottons continue to fuel the creativity of many a quilter, sewist, and maker!  Clothworks debuted 12 new colors in a Bright & Fresh palette at Quilt Market 2018 in Portland.  These new colors certainly live up to their name and are guaranteed to energize your latest sewing project!  Look for them to deliver this July in your favorite local quilt shop.

Clothworks was also pleased to feature the gorgeous quilts by Maria Shell, on display in our booth at Quilt Market.  Bear Fence (shown in the middle of the pic below) and Hot Seat (on the right in the pic below) captivated the crowds at Quilt Market with their vibrant colors and dynamic piecing.

In case you missed Market, head to Maria’s blog, Tales of a Stitcher, to read about her creative process in making Bear Fence.  For more inspiration, follow this link to her book, Improv Patchwork- Dynamic Quilts Made with Line & Shape.  Be sure to follow her on Instagram, too!

And follow American Made Brand on Instagram & find a shop here to stock up on AMB solid cottons!

Frou-Frou Makes US debut with Clothworks at Quilt Market

FrouFrou booth

Last weekend at the International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, UT, Clothworks was pleased to present the US debut of French sewing brand, Frou-FrouClothworks is thrilled to partner with Frou-Frou, a highly revered sewing brand from Paris, which blends the generations passed-down tradition of sewing with a modern, artful elegance.  A portion of the Clothworks booth at Quilt Market was set up to mimic a typical Frou-Frou display found in the shops throughout France.  Amidst the buzz generated during the US debut of Frou-Frou, we managed to snap a few pics of the booth to show those who weren’t able to attend Spring Quilt Market.

FrouFrou - 1-2-3 VoilaMix and Match and Easy Sewing are two of the key elements of the Frou-Frou brand displayed here in our booth.  Frou-Frou effortlessly mixes and matches prints released in their range of fabrics with their trims such as ribbons, bias tape, elastic, and spaghetti to buttons, as well as dyed-to-match thread, and applique patches.  Even notions, such as sewing boxes and scissors, coordinate with Frou-Frou’s playful prints and classic color palette!  The Frou-Frou brand’s approach to marketing its sewing products is similar to the approach in preparing & making a recipe in the kitchen.  Starting with a simple sewing pattern, much like a meal recipe, Frou-Frou aims to deliver all of the necessary ingredients including the sewing pattern, fabrics, trims, and notions used to create an elegant creation in perhaps just an hour or in less than a day!

FrouFrou - bag display

This image above illustrates the ease of mixing and matching the fabrics and trims to produce all kinds of beautiful creations- pouches, bags, and garments, to name a few.  In fact, some of the trims offered in the Frou-Frou brand, like the iron-on bias tape, allow one to create a no-sew tote bag in just minutes!  Oh-la-la!

If you missed the Frou-Frou booth and Clothworks at Quilt Market this past weekend, you can visit our Frou-Frou website to learn more and sign up to become or retailer.

Sensational Quilt Market Preview with AMB Precuts!


Here at the Works we’ve been furiously preparing for the Spring Quilt Market held in Salt Lake City, Utah this year from May 20th- May 22nd.  American Made Brand solid cottons will be featured at Market as we continue to attract more quilters & crafters interested in cotton fabric from the USA that’s not just made here, but grown here!  As our color palette increases each year since launching American Made Brand a few years ago, we are pleased to finally offer AMB solid cottons in Precut GoodsAmerican Made Brand solid Precuts are sold in Strip rolls, 5″s squares, and 10″ squares in some beautiful color themes from Pastels, Brights, and Neutrals to Autumn, Blues, and of course, Patriotic!  Do stop by your LQS to pick up some American Made Brand precuts and make that gorgeous quilt project that’s been on your mind.

Speaking of quilt projects and precut goods, this is a wonderful segue to feature our quilter friend, Robin Long, of Robin Ruth Design!!  Robin specializes in the Mariner’s Compass block piecing and has developed some super cool tools that make it easy (and approachable) to take a stab at constructing the complex Mariners Compass quilt block.  Sheer Genius!!

Nifty rulers and books by Robin Long of Robin Ruth Design, spotted in the April/ May 2016 issue of Quilter's Newsletter magazine.

Nifty rulers and books by Robin Long of Robin Ruth Design, spotted in the April/ May 2016 issue of Quilter’s Newsletter magazine.

Robin uses strip piecing along with her special rulers to construct gorgeous Mariner’s Compass block quilts.  Her intricate blocks translate well using the radiant solid cottons from American Made Brand.  We’re so lucky to have such unique collaboration with her and since Spring Quilt Market is just around the corner, Robin was anxious for us to show you a sneak peak of some the quilts that she will be showing.   In fact, she used some of the new American Made Brand precuts to create these beauties below……

Robin Ruth 1

Robin Ruth 2

Robin Ruth 3

Notice those gorgeous color schemes?  From top to bottom- Neutrals, Patriotic, and Brights– all from the American Made Brand Precuts!!  Well done, Robin!!!!  Our amazing long-arm quilting friend Loretta Orsborn, will lend her magic to finish these quilts to be displayed at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City in just a few days!

If you can’t make it Quilt Market to see these stunning quilts in person, do check out Robin’s website!  She offers a wealth of information on how to make Mariner’s Compass quilt blocks with video tutorials to coax even the most hesitant quilter.  And in this technological era, did you know there’s also an app for that? 🙂

Joking aside, Robin has a free app for designing her Mariner’s Compass blocks using the colors from the American Made Brand palette.


You can design and preview color combinations and take your shopping list to your LQS to purchase some American Made Brand solid cottons to make your splendid version of a Mariner’s Compass quilt!  How cool is that?!!



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Sew Expo 2016 – Puyallup, WA

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Check out this beautiful pic of the American Made Brand booth taken at this past weekend’s Sew Expo in Puyallup, WA!  It was wonderful meeting all of the lovely folks who stopped by our booth to get acquainted with American Made Brand!  Instagram could not be a better platform to capture the vibrance of these fabrics and showcase the fabulous projects made from these glorious solid cottons.  You might have noticed that The Works has recently added an Instagram feed in the sidebar of our blog.  With every visit to The Works, you can also catch a glimpse into the creative & inspirational world of American Made Brand!

Be sure to follow us @americanmadebrand on Instagram and tag your brilliant American Made Brand creations with @americanmadebrand or #proudlyamericanmade.

American Made Brand, not just made here, but grown here!




Call for Entries: Pet Postcard Project

From the Pet Postcards 2016 blog: Pet Postcards in Progress by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio.

From the Pet Postcards 2016 blog: Pet Postcards by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio.

Calling all animal-lovers, sewists, and crafters, alike!  The Pet Postcard Project is seeking donations for pet-themed postcards made with fabric to be sold at the upcoming International Quilt Festival in Chicago, April 7th-9th, 2016.  Postcards will be sold for $20 at Festival, with all proceeds going to PAWS Chicago, the largest no-kill animal rescue in the Midwest.

The Pet Postcard Project was started by Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr, owners/designers of Modern Quilt Studio, in an effort to raise money to benefit homeless pets.  Being that they are so crafty and organized, they have devoted an entire blog to the Pet Postcard Project, showing pet postcards in progress and tutorials to help inspire you.

Now for the details–

  •  Create as many Pet Postcards as you wish to donate!
  •  Pet Postcards must be no larger than 5″ x 7″
  •  Pet Postcards can be made from any number of techniques and materials, as long as they include some fabric in the design
  •  Most importantly, Pet Postcards must appeal to pet lovers
  •  Send your completed Pet Postcards in an envelope (preferably a padded envelope), postmarked by March 15, 2016 to the following address:

Pet Postcards 2016

c/o Modern Quilt Studios

PO Box 2100

Oak Park, IL  60302

Quilt Festival Exhibit: ‘What’s For Dinner?’- Part 3

Plate 3

Cheers!  You’ve made it back for a third serving of ‘What’s For Dinner?’  There’s still more food-inspired fiber art for you to stomach.  Enjoy the final course of pics showing off the entries from the ‘What’s for Dinner?’ textile art exhibit, sponsored by Clothworks  shown at the 2015 International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX.

Collage 4 Collage 3 Collage 2 Collage 1


Bon Appetit!

Quilt Festival Exhibit: ‘What’s For Dinner?’- Part 2

Whats for dinner table 2

Following up from the previous post, here are more pics of the entries from the ‘What’s for Dinner?’ textile art exhibit, sponsored by Clothworks  shown at the 2015 International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX.

Sink your teeth into the following :)…..

Collage 8 Collage 7 Collage 5 Collage 6

Still feeling hungry? Come back tomorrow for another helping of food-inspired fabric art!

Quilt Festival Exhibit: ‘What’s For Dinner?’- Part 1

Whats for dinner table 2

As we venture into the holiday season, it’s a time of year for celebrating and feasting! Need a little inspiration to help you get your Thanksgiving dinner shopping list in order?  Look no further!

At the 2015 International Quilt Festival in Houston, Clothworks sponsored a hilarious textile art exhibit combining two of my loves- food & fabric- appropriately entitled, ‘What’s for Dinner?’.

Whats for Dinner Sign

Did you catch the fine print at the bottom of the exhibit description?  Oh how I love the irony here!

Since there were several entries in the ‘What’s For Dinner?’ exhibit, I’m splitting my photos into a few separate posts.

For now, feast your eyes on the following….

Collage 12

Collage 11

Collage 10

Collage 9

Stay tuned for more foodie fabric fun to follow in the next post!

Houston Quilt Festival Recap: American Made Brand

Welcome to Houston

American Made Brand fabric, a division of Clothworks, may have launched about 2 years ago, but it made its first appearance at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX this past October- November.  Although AMB has created a following of dedicated shops & customers, we knew we’d continue to reach a wider audience with a booth at Quilt Festival.  Enjoy the following highlights from this past Festival!

New AMB Colors

American Made Brand is excited to add 13 New Colors to the palette for January 2016 Delivery, making a total of 75 colors!  One of the often-heard comments at Quilt Festival about the American Made Brand solid fabric was the COLOR!  So many folks remarked about the beautifully saturated colors in the AMB palette– a plentiful range of vibrant, clear tones.  The newly added 13 colors fill in the gaps with soft pastel and muted tones to add more depth to the existing palette!

AMB Festival Booth

That’s me, manning the American Made Brand booth at Quilt Festival.  As you can see, the quilts and crochet rug sampled in the AMB fabrics were so eye-catching & bursting with color, it’s no wonder we had a lot of visitors ogling the booth!

AMB swatch handouts

Our American Made Brand booth visitors did not leave empty-handed! We gave away several 2.5″ square ‘teaser’ packs of AMB, making new friends and followers along the way!  Not a bad souvenir to take home to show your local quilt shop, eh?

AMB Festival

It was loads of fun meeting & chatting with so many fabric enthusiasts at Quilt Festival.  We had several American Made Brand devotees stop by the booth to gush about their love of our fabric, but just as well, there were many AMB ‘newbies’ who had not yet heard of us!  Perhaps it was our gorgeous booth display with the bold interpretive American Flag quilt that drew many to our booth.  Or maybe we impressed them with the soft, scrumptious, drapey hand feel of American Made Brand fabric.  If anything, I noticed many a jaw drop as they discovered that American Made Brand fabric is Not Just Made Here, (but) Grown Here in the United States of America.  With Quilt Festival being in Houston, TX, we most certainly connected to the firm roots of the local cotton community!

After ‘wow-ing’ our newly-converted American Made Brand followers at the AMB Booth, it was time to point them in the direction of some of the local quilt shops that had booths set up at Quilt Festival.  If you thought our booth was colorful, check out some of these gorgeous displays!

AMB Fat Qtr Display Front Porch

Quilted Forest Collage

Yoders Full AMB display

Yoders Display Collage

Thanks to Front Porch Quilts, The Quilted Forest, Yoder’s and Rochelle’s Fine Fabrics for featuring and selling American Made Brand Fabric in their booths at Quilt Festival!

You could say American Made Brand solid fabric definitely made a ‘splash’ at Quilt Festival in Houston this year!  But it appears we were in good company and fit right in with the locals!

Frida Kahlo in AMB Booth

Quilt Festival in Houston happened to fall during Halloween this year, and a Frida Kahlo look-a-like graced us with her artistic presence in the American Made Brand booth.  I think she fits in quite perfectly with the gorgeous Empire Place Quilt as a back drop, don’t you?!

Besides Halloween, Houston was a colorful city, full of artsy inspiration and down-home style in the Land of the Free!  Could not have been a better place to showcase the vibrant home-grown cotton solid fabric of American Made Brand!

Houston Style Collage



See you at the AMB Booth #237 At Quilt Festival!

AMB Festival

The International Quilt Market for Fall 2015 has come and gone over the weekend…..now it’s time to let the fun begin– at Quilt Festival!  This year, I’ll be headed down to Houston, TX to spend nearly 5 days representing our beautiful American Made Brand Fabric, a division of Clothworks.  Stop by the AMB Solid Booth #237 to say hi and see what kind of fun treasures we’ve got to show off in AMB Solids….including this lovely quilt here:

Empire Place upclose Quilt

Shown here is just a portion of the Empire Place Quilt, a new block of the month quilt which made its debut at International Quilt Market this year.  Designed by the extremely talented quilt geniuses of Sassafras Lane Designs , this stunning jewel of a quilt SHINES in American Made Brand solid fabric!  We are so lucky to have this quilt hanging in the booth this year.  So be sure to stop by Booth #237 at Quilt Festival to see it up close, along with all of the other lovely AMB samples!