All That Shines: New Frou-Frou collection & Instagram Giveaway!

Add a little sparkle to your life! Our new collection featuring metallic fabrics and trims from Frou-Frou will be shipping in September 2017. Just in time to create something perfect for the holiday season.

Check out some behind the scenes action at our office in Seattle!

Don’t forget to check out our Frou-Frou Giveaway on Instagram.

Details below:

Frou Frou Giveaway

The Hexi Quilt

The Hexi Quilt

Lights, Cameras and Action are on the stunning hexie quilt “Parisian Posies” created by Felicia’s World Quilting (on Instagram @feliciasworldquilting) that features Clothworks’ beautiful Frou-Frou Paris fabrics. Above is a sneak peek into the filming of the Fons & Porter’s … Continue reading

Happy Holiday Animation by Masha D’yans

Clothworks Designer and Watercolor Artist Extraordinaire, Masha D’yans shared this sweet animated holiday-themed animated video featuring the whimsical characters she creates with her paintbrush.  Enjoy!


Happy Holidays from Masha D’yans on Vimeo.

Ho ho ho!  Hope you enjoyed the video & have a happy holiday!  Visit the Clothworks site to keep posted for new fabric collection releases in the new year ahead, featuring the magical artwork of Masha D’yans !

Dazzling Wall-hanging Captures Seattle ‘Sea’-nic in Shop Hop Fabric!


Our friend Barbara of Enchanted Valley Arts has done it again!  Each year when the new Western Washington Shop Hop fabrics are designed exclusively by Clothworks and fellow Seattle fabric wholesale company, In The Beginning, Barbara designs an entirely unique scenic-inspired appliqued wall-hanging incorporating the Shop Hop fabrics.  This year’s wall-hanging is called ‘Another Point of View’ and is no exception to showcasing her creative and artistic way of interpreting the landscapes of Western Washington state, be it on land…or under the sea!  I’m absolutely adoring her ode to the sea creatures found in the waters around the Washington State coastal areas– the jellyfish, crab, and tentacle of an octopus!  But what I really love is how Barbara had the ingenuity to fussy-cut the chrysanthemum flowers found in the fabric released by Clothworks for Shop Hop and use those as sea anemones in her piece!!


But wait….Barbara takes this wall-hanging piece a step further and has further enhanced the appliques of the sea creatures, such as Mr. Crab, and has developed some shading techniques to add shadow and texture for a more realistic, three dimensional look!  In fact, she’s even filmed 2 video tutorials on YouTube illustrating these techniques using the 2 different forms of media:  Tsukineko Inks and Crayola Crayons.  Click on each graphic below to view her YouTube video tutorials— her work is amazing and she is a fabulous art instructor!



Head to Barbara’s website for Enchanted Valley Arts to order a pattern to make your very own ‘Another Point of View’ wall-hanging.  Stick around to admire the other beautiful patterns and artwork, as well!

And enjoy the rest of the Western Washington Shop Hop— which runs through this Sunday June 27th, 2015!  Keep cool and safe travels!

Pat Sloan interviews Astronaut Quilter Karen Nyberg!


In case you may have missed it, here’s a link to an ‘out-of-this-world’ interview by Pat Sloan, The Voice of Quilting, with NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg.  For those of us down-to-earth types who may not know, Karen Nyberg was a recent resident on the International Space Station and is also quilter.  Among her various responsibilities aboard the ISS, such as conducting experiments in space, Karen decided to bring along one of her passions, quilting, into space….the final frontier.  If the original quilting pioneers only knew what ‘great heights’ (try 260 miles above the earth) to which their past time would be taken!!!  Head on over to Pat Sloan’s radio interview with Karen at this link to hear all about it!

Twinkle, twinkle little star;  How I wonder what you are….a quilt block, maybe?!!  Yep, Astronaut Karen Nyberg has been busy piecing star blocks in space.  Does that qualify her as having ‘Block-Star Status’?!!  Goofy puns aside,  Karen has a nifty challenge for all of you quilters who want to go above and beyond…. Read more about it here and take the ‘Star-Block Challenge‘!

To keep up with Karen and see where she’s jetting off to next, follow her on facebook here.

And if you need a little inspiration in motivating yourself to make the first cut on fabric, just remember that this amazing lady does it in Zero Gravity!!  View it here:

Holiday Gift Project #3

Fabric covered pins and buttons…can you say CUTE?! Joyce and I discovered this cool new tool called the “i-top” by Imaginisce at quilt market. It allows you to cover buttons, pins, and all kinds of cool accessories with fabric. Cover some pins, glue on some bling and ribbons, and you’ve got yourself a cute little gift to give to all of your friends! The possibilities are endless…we’ve been having fun playing with this tool. Check out our video demo to see how it works…

Make a Quick and Easy Pillowcase!

So I FINALLY figured out how to make a video and edit it. If you need a quick and easy project, this is the one…but I am warning you–it is ADDICTING! I’ve been making quite a few of these babies lately, and it’s so much fun! My friend and Clothworks coworker, Jean, showed me how to make these. Now I’ve decided that every bed quilt I make must have matching pillowcases. And of course I’ll be making some pillowcases for the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge too!

So now I am soooo excited about all of the wonderful things we can videotape…mitered borders made easy anyone? Perfect binding? Quick and easy receiving blankets? I’ve got a whole stash of ideas!

And if you’d like to be a fly on the wall at Quilt Market next week…guess what? I’m bringing my video camera! It’s going to be so much fun!

Have a great weekend of sewing and fabric fun!