Amazing Show & Tell: Fresh Batiks® by Clothworks!

Toni's Whirlpool batik wallhanging

Our resident quilting queen and sample room extraordinaire, the talented Toni B., recently went on a quilting retreat and came back with some beautiful batik goodies to share.  Working in the Clothworks sample room and warehouse is kind of like being a kid in a candy store for a quilter and fabric lover. So many temptations every where you turn.  Especially those beautiful Fresh Batiks® Minerals and Botanica prints, offered in bold, bright colors with a soft hand, to boot!  Toni B. had taken a class from a local quilter, Eda Lee Haas, and created the wall-hanging (perfectly square matched to the grid) shown above in the pic.  The technique was a quilt-as-you-go, called the Whirlpool.  What a wonderful  use of Fresh Batiks®Minerals, with a few print designs thrown in for interest.  This design reminds me of a color wheel- so bright and cheery- with lots of movement for the eyes.

Collage Batik Bag

The second fun show & tell project is from a pattern called The Mondo Bag by Quiltsmart.  Toni B. created this fun, multi-color harlequin patchwork using various patterns and colors in the Fresh Batiks® Botanica line.  Find out more info about the Quiltsmart Mondo Bag here.

Thank you Toni B for sharing these lovely, inspiring projects with us.

To find a local quilt shop that stocks Fresh Batiks® visit this link and Happy Sewing!


Goat Update: Job Well Done!

goat and water bucket

Our goat friends from Amazin’ Grazers Urban Goat Rental have completed their work last week!  Nearly all of the overgrowth in the backyard at the Clothworks Headquarters has been cleared away by these amazing creatures who had quite an appetite!!  It seemed like our goat friends did not want to stop eating.  Now came the most challenging task– herding the goats back into their truck!

Adrienne and Goat

With treats to coax the goats , Adrienne of Amazin’ Grazers devised a genius plan with the assistance of some of the Clothworks staff to help lure the goats one by one back to their truck.  A holding pen helped keep the goats from running up the new found rocky ridge in our backyard.

Goat Wranglin'

Marvin, a member of the esteemed Clothworks warehouse crew, became the ‘Goat Doorman’, while Debbie, Clothworks shipper extraordinaire, donned her new title, ‘Goat Wrangler’.

Goat with carrot

Debbie attempts to use a carrot to wrangle this little fellow, but I think he must have eaten too many plants in the backyard as he appears to react with indifference.  Adrienne attempts to wrangle the other little fellow playing a game of hide-n-seek in our new found shed.

Debbie and 2 goats

That Debbie has quite the goat wrangling skills!!  Look at her lead two of them at once!  She must be a ‘Goat Whisperer’!

dragging goat

Adrienne did not have as much luck as Debbie.  I think this fellow had so much fun feasting on the brambles in the backyard, he did not want to leave!

Goats getting on the truck

Eventually, all goats were led back to the truck!

Time to ‘goat’ bye-bye!

We at Clothworks thoroughly enjoyed having Adrienne and the goats from Amazin’ Grazers take care of business in our backyard!!

Here are some pictures of the yard taken at different stages to show you the progress of the goats:

Backyard Jungle1

It started out like this…..

Goats go up the hill

Friday Morning




Now we look forward to enjoying our new backyard during the summer!