AMB Mystery BOM Quilt: Block 7- Growing Season: Corn Recipes


CC Image “sweet corn” courtesy of Alice Henneman on Flickr

Thanksgiving draws near, your corn-themed Mystery block is done. (Or at least cut out. OK, planned?) So let’s take a little break from sewing and talk recipes! Does all-American corn make it onto your Thanksgiving table? Creamed corn, cornbread stuffing, corn relish. Corn brings such warmth to the table with its sunny color and sweet flavor. I think it deserves a spot! If you don’t have a traditional family recipe why not try out one of these unique ideas from fun blog The Kitchn. Or hit up Pinterest for even more options. Let us know how your recipe turns out!

There’s still time to share your finished Block 7 “Growing Season” with us for a chance to win some great prizes!  Share on Instagram with the tag #AMBmystery or email your picture to info at Clothworks dot com.  For instructions on completing Block 7 “Growing Season”, head to this link.

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Happy Sewing!