Goat Update: Job Well Done!

goat and water bucket

Our goat friends from Amazin’ Grazers Urban Goat Rental have completed their work last week!  Nearly all of the overgrowth in the backyard at the Clothworks Headquarters has been cleared away by these amazing creatures who had quite an appetite!!  It seemed like our goat friends did not want to stop eating.  Now came the most challenging task– herding the goats back into their truck!

Adrienne and Goat

With treats to coax the goats , Adrienne of Amazin’ Grazers devised a genius plan with the assistance of some of the Clothworks staff to help lure the goats one by one back to their truck.  A holding pen helped keep the goats from running up the new found rocky ridge in our backyard.

Goat Wranglin'

Marvin, a member of the esteemed Clothworks warehouse crew, became the ‘Goat Doorman’, while Debbie, Clothworks shipper extraordinaire, donned her new title, ‘Goat Wrangler’.

Goat with carrot

Debbie attempts to use a carrot to wrangle this little fellow, but I think he must have eaten too many plants in the backyard as he appears to react with indifference.  Adrienne attempts to wrangle the other little fellow playing a game of hide-n-seek in our new found shed.

Debbie and 2 goats

That Debbie has quite the goat wrangling skills!!  Look at her lead two of them at once!  She must be a ‘Goat Whisperer’!

dragging goat

Adrienne did not have as much luck as Debbie.  I think this fellow had so much fun feasting on the brambles in the backyard, he did not want to leave!

Goats getting on the truck

Eventually, all goats were led back to the truck!

Time to ‘goat’ bye-bye!

We at Clothworks thoroughly enjoyed having Adrienne and the goats from Amazin’ Grazers take care of business in our backyard!!

Here are some pictures of the yard taken at different stages to show you the progress of the goats:

Backyard Jungle1

It started out like this…..

Goats go up the hill

Friday Morning




Now we look forward to enjoying our new backyard during the summer!

Progress Made in the Backyard: Goat Update!

Goat hello

Our goat friends from Amazin’ Grazers, the urban goat renewal service we are using to clean up the backyard of the Clothworks warehouse, have been working steadily ever since Thursday.  I’m just amazed at how quickly these animals have cleared away the brambles and overgrowth!!!  Here are a few in-progress pictures to show off the amazing workmanship (and appetite) of our goat friends!

But here’s a reminder of what the backyard looked like before the goats—

Backyard Jungle1

The very next morning, on Friday, when I arrived at work, I found the goats had made some serious progress!

Friday Morning

What?!  Who knew there was a shed back there!!????

Below is a pic I took on Monday morning, after a full weekend of goats eating away the brush—

Monday morning- clear!!


So where else are they to go?

Goats go up the hill

Up the hill, of course!  They don’t call them ‘mountain’ goats for nothing!

Goats continue to eat

Check back soon for more goat updates and backyard improvement progress!

This Sounds Like a Job for the…..

Goat portrait


Meet the newest members of the Clothworks ‘herd’, the hardworking goats of Amazin’ Grazers, a local affiliate of Rent-a-Ruminant, contracted to help us take care of a heavy duty job.  As most of you might know, Clothworks just moved into a new facility at the beginning of the year and now that summer is almost here, we’ve left one of the most challenging jobs for the professionals to tackle– clean up the backyard!!

Backyard Jungle1

It’s a Jungle out there! (and somebody’s breakfast-lunch-dinner, too)

With summer on the way, that means warmer temps and days full of sunshine (it’s not always rainy here in Seattle);  the Clothworks team would like to enjoy the season by setting up a picnic area in our backyard.  With all of those rainy days, as you can see, our backyard is definitely overgrown and in need of some serious work!

Amazin' Grazers

AMAZIN’ GRAZERS to the rescue!

Time to call in the goats!!

Truck Backing in

And they’re off!

Goat walk

Adrienne, owner of Amazin’ Grazers is a pro when it comes to herding the goats!

She brought 13 goats with her for this job!

Goats walking into fence area

Not everyone was willing to get to work right away, but Candice and Debbie of the Clothworks Crew were able to coax this little one back to the herd.  It’s not everyday you can add ‘goat-wrangler‘ to your job description!

Stray Goat herded in

It didn’t take long- these goats immediately went to work, chomping away at the overgrown brush in our backyard.

Goats eating Collage

Check back with us later to see the progress made in our backyard clean-up from our goat friends!