AMB Mystery BOM Quilt: Putting It All Together

blog_finalNow that all 9 blocks of the Our Land American Made Brand Mystery BOM Quilt have been revealed, it’s time to put them all together!

When we launched the AMB Mystery BOM series last spring, we gave suggestions for 2 unique color schemes using American Made Brand solid fabrics for piecing the blocks.  As Clothworks & American Made Brand are proud supporters of 2 charities, Quilts of Valor and Quilts for Kids, Inc., we thought the AMB Mystery Quilt was a perfect opportunity to make a quilt for each charity.

For finishing instructions for the Quilts for Kids quilt, follow this link.

For finishing instructions for the Quilts of Valor quilt, follow this link.

For inspiration, take a look at these finished quilts below:

Quilts for Kids quilt by Nancy Lacey

‘Our Land’- Quilts for Kids version quilt pieced by Nancy Lacey of Quilts for Kids, Inc.



‘Our Land’- Quilts of Valor version pieced by Gayle Noyes & quilted by Loretta Orsborne

We’d love to see how you finish your AMB Mystery Quilts.  Please share your pics of finished quilts on Instagram with the tag #AMBMystery or email info at Clothworks dot com.

Find all 9 blocks of the Our Land Mystery BOM below:

Find Block 9 “Lean Towards the Sun” here.

Find Block 8 “Leaves of Change” here.

Find Block 7 “Growing Season” here.

Find Block 6 “Canyonlands” here.

Find Block 5 “Amongst The Trees” here.

Find Block 4 “The Mountains Are Calling” here.

Find Block 3 “In Every Desert Hides a Well” here.

Find Block 2 “The Most Perfect Hill” here.

Find Block 1 “View From the Shore” here.



American Made Mystery BOM Quilt: Block 6 Canyonlands: Quilts For Kids


Have you wondered about the “Quilts for Kids” connection to the AMB Mystery Quilt? Quilts for Kids is a wonderful organization founded specifically to wrap kids in need in the love of a special quilt. Kids who receive quilts are hospitalized and facing life-changing illnesses, or have suffered from abuse. QFK founder Linda Arye knew she wanted to use her quiltmaking talent to help kids – even total strangers – and knew she could find other quilters who felt the same way. 16 years later, over 200,000 children have received quilts worldwide! To support this wonderful cause, we designed a version of the Mystery Quilt that will meet QFK size guidelines. We will post the finishing instructions for this version, which you can make in any colors you choose, at the end of the challenge next February. We hope some of our quilters will choose to donate their quilts! Even if you’d like to hold onto your Mystery Block quilt or donate it to another cause, please consider the Quilts for Kids mission for your next charitable quilting project!

Clothworks, parent company of American Made Brand, was just recently featured in the Quilts for Kids Fall Newsletter, as we just shipped a truckload of fabric donations!  Check out this nice feature post below:



Find  Block 6 “Canyonlands” here.  For a chance to win some great prizes, be sure to share photos of your finished Block 6 on Instagram with the tag #AMBmystery, or email your picture to: info at Clothworks dot com

 If you’re just tuning into the Our Land Mystery BOM here on the Works, please find the previous blocks in the links below:

Find Block 5 “Amongst The Trees” here.

Find Block 4 “The Mountains Are Calling” here.

Find Block 3 “In Every Desert Hides a Well” here.

Find Block 2 “The Most Perfect Hill” here.

Find Block 1 “View From the Shore” here.

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American Made Mystery BOM Quilt- Block 2: What’s in a Name?

25366514875_0cf2e25abb_o (1)

Photographer credit to Jay Huang under Creative Commons license

What’s in a name?  “This Most Perfect Hill“, a poem by Lisa Jarnot, inspired Block 2’s name. Jarnot is a contemporary writer from Buffalo, NY and once said: “I think poems are always a collage on some level…. Collage is a way to force awareness out of the random flow of information that’s constantly bombarding us.” Read or hear the poem aloud on the website.

Just tuning in to Our Land Mystery BOM?

See Block 1 here

Find Block 2 here

Clothworks is proud to support Quilts For Kids, the Quilts of Valor Foundation , and our country’s economy.  American Made Brand cotton solids are not just made here; they’re grown right here in the USA.

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American Made Mystery Quilt- Week 2- Charities



Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day whatever you did and welcome back to our AMB Mystery BOM!  Unfamiliar with the Quilts For Kids or Quilts of Valor organizations?  Well these are a couple of our very favorite charities for quilters.  They do such wonderful work connecting avid quilters and sewists with children and veterans in need of a little extra love.  

Quilts for Kids provides patchwork quilts to comfort kids of all ages, including teens in need. Whether the need stems from serious illness, poverty or abuse, these quilts offer comfort to kids who need it the most. Founder Linda Arye says that as she got the organization started, friends told her “no one would make quilts for some stranger’s child,” but Linda put her belief in the compassion and generosity of quilters. Today, Quilts for Kids wraps the warmth of a new, handmade quilt around 30,000 children each year. Find out more here.

Quilts of Valor Foundation aims not to just comfort veterans with a quilt, but honor them. A Quilt of Valor says unequivocally, “Thank you for your service, sacrifice, and valor” in serving our nation in the armed forces, usually in combat or other extraordinary circumstances. Most quilts are accompanied by a note explaining the quilter’s journey in creating it, and all are labeled as QOV quilts. The foundation records each quilt presented for a total of 136,638 (and counting!) Find out more here.

Whatever you decide to do with your American Made Brand Mystery quilt – gift it, donate it, or even keep it to admire yourself – we would love to know!  Of course, you have lots of time to decide what to do with your quilt as you come along on this mysterious adventure across Our Land.