AMB Solids Bloom in Modern Quilts by Hilary Frye

Mammoth Sunflower

While the Clothworks team was attending the Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis last weekend, we met talented up-and-coming quilter, Hilary Frye.  She blew us away with her ‘mammoth-sized’ quilt designs using American Made Brand solid fabrics.  Hilary’s interpretations of close-up images and geometric-inspired graphic flowers, such as the pic of this one above, entitled ‘Mammoth Sunflower’, were perfectly suited for the vibrant bright color palette offered in American Made Brand solids!  Hilary was gracious enough to answer my email queries about her quilting background and what drew her to use AMB solid fabric in her bold, modern flower quilt designs.

As with many quilters and sewists, Hilary laid her ‘creative roots’ down at an early age and continued to grow & explore her talents, eventually making it into a career.  Hilary recalls ‘breaking the rules’ at a very young age to execute her creations– in other words, cutting up Mom’s curtains to make clothes for her Barbie at age 5. At age 10, she learned to sew garments (denim culottes to go with her hard-earned Frye Campus Boots to wear for the First Day of school in 7th grade).  In high school she worked at the local fabric shop, an emporium carrying the most beautiful fabrics and trims which inspired her to concentrate on Fiber Arts while attending Iowa State University for Art Education.  During her college years, she continued to feed her passion for fabric and art- learning to dye fabric, embroider, silkscreen, and even made her first Hawaiian applique block!

Another fiber arts passion bloomed later for Hilary– it wasn’t until Hilary was in her 40s when she became hooked on quilting!  She may not have known how to use a rotary cutter when she was hired at the quilt shop where she started working, but with her cheerful smile and background in art & color theory, she was an asset to the shop and quickly developed a love of quilting.  Exposed to many gorgeous fabrics designed by talented textile designers in the quilt shop also made Hilary more aware of color theory, which in turn has influenced her own quilt designs.

Hilary’s draw to using American Made Brand solids was mainly the plentiful color offering, as well as bringing textile production back to the USA!  She was impressed that AMB solids was launched with 50 gorgeous saturated fabric colors (like the 50 states) and took to the hand & feel of the fabric.  Just knowing that the fabric is grown, woven, dyed, and finished all here in the USA makes her feel proud to be using a product that is helping fuel the local economic climate.  Hilary purchased the Indigo color of AMB (nostalgic for her fabric-dyeing days in college) and was immediately hooked!  From there she began designing bold, visually-impressive quilts inspired by flowers….on her iPad!

Here are a few of the quilt designs using her iPad:

Hilary Frye Collage

from left to right:  Mammoth Sunflower, Iris Isles, and Rosie’s Garden designed by Hilary Frye

Another reason Hilary chose American Made Brand solid fabric to execute these bold flowers into stunning quilts was that the solids would lend themselves to the texture created by longarm quilting.  And just by happenstance, Hilary met a very talented longarm quilter, Martha Downs of Free Spirit Quilting, who she’s worked with ever since a chance meeting during lunch last year at the Minnesota Quilters Show.

This unfinished quilt version of Iris Isles is from Hilary’s instagram page.  Martha’s beautiful longarm quilting compliment’s Hilary’s colorful bold flower design perfectly!

Iris Isle quilt


Check out more of Hilary’s work on her website here— she’s a very talented illustrator, as well!

Mammoth Sunflower and Rosie’s Garden will be on display at the Minnesota Quilters Show in Duluth, Minnesota, June 11-13, 2015 in the Modern category.

The three flower quilts will also hang in her first solo show the entire month of October 2015 at the Chaska Community Center in Minnesota.

Hilary hopes to have patterns for her flower quilts published by early fall.  Keep afloat of her on her instagram, too!




Clothworks Makes a Splash at Quilt Market!

AMB Booth 1

It’s Quilt Market time and the location this year is in Pittsburgh, PA!  The Clothworks team has worked very hard to beautify our booth at Market with some tantalizing displays of new fabric collections.  If you need a dose of cheeriness, get a load of these pics snapped at market!  The bright color selection of our debut basic line, American Made Brand solids, is sure to turn that frown upside down!!

AMB dazzling display

We’re pleased to introduce our new line of solids, American Made Brand fabric, All-American made solid fabric at Quilt Market this year.  From farm to fabric, the cotton was grown right here in the USA and processed, dyed, and cut onto bolts here, too!!  So c’mon, get happy and feast your eyes on the Clothworks Booth at Quilt Market- Booth # 1944 and 1945.

AMB booth 2

Loving these candy-colored tuffets below made up in AMB solids!

AMB Booth Tuffets

Modern quilt designer and AMB collaborator Heather Jones of olive and ollie is glowing against a backdrop of AMB solids!

AMB Booth Heather

Besides these cheerfully bright pictures of American Made Brand solids, here are a few pics of Clothworks fabric shown in the booth, made up into beautiful quilts:

Clothworks Booth 1

Clothworks Booth 3

Peg Conley looks right at home in her booth displaying her vibrant and watercolor-like interpretations of floral and garden-inspired designs.  The quilt and fabric shown in her booth pictured below is from the Clothworks line, Cultivate Your Joy.

Peg Conley booth 2

Also spotted at this year’s Spring Market is the Penguin & Fish booth.  Designer Alyssa Thomas has been collaborating with Clothworks under the Penguin & Fish name, lending her sweetly whimsical designs to our organic fabric.

Penguin & Fish booth

If you can’t make it to Quilt Market in Pittsburgh this year, we sure hope that these pictures put a smile on your face!  Enjoy!!

If you’re lucky enough to make it to Quilt Market this year, look for Clothworks in Booth #’s 1944 and 1945!  Or look for the Clothworks quilted logo shown here:

Clothworks quilt

And a reminder…starting Monday, May 19th, the AMB Blog Tour launches a 50 state tour through June 20th.  Check back here at The Works as we travel coast to coast across the USA on this virtual roadtrip highlighting some of the country’s most talented bloggers!