AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge Exhibit: 2017 Dates Announced!

tiny-quilt-challenge_webWe may currently be in the thick of this year’s AMB Mystery Block of the Month challenge, but last year in 2015, we hosted the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge.  The winners of the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge debuted in an exhibition shown at this past year’s Road to California Quilt Show in Ontario, CA in January 2016.  From there, the exhibition made a stop at the World Quilt New England Show in Manchester, NH in August of 2016.  Then in September 2016, it headed to Oaks, PA to be featured at the Pennsylvania Nation Quilt Extravaganza.  American Made Brand is excited to announce that the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge exhibition will continue to travel to more shows in 2017!

Mark your calendars and start planning your trips!  The AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge exhibit will be featured at the following 3 shows:

Although representatives of American Made Brand can not make it to these shows, we’d love to hear from you if you attend them.  Feel free to contact us and send us some pictures of your experience seeing the AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge Exhibition at these shows.


American Made Brand en route to Road to California!

AMB Festival

Happy New Year!  We’re off and running, eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in 2016.  As we make our first few strides in the new year, we’re excited to head down to Road to California in just a little over 3 weeks from now!  It’s not just the hope of sun & warm temps that are having us ‘California Dreaming’ in January.  American Made Brand is thrilled to be 1 of 6 exclusive companies, spotlighted at the Road to California Quilt Show’s Marketplace, highlighting the most innovative & inspirational brands in the quilting industry!  Read more about it on The Road to California Blog here.

banner 2016

If you’re making Road to California as part of your quilt show agenda this year, we’d love for you to stop by the American Made Brand booth.  Come admire our gorgeous display of quilts made of AMB solid cottons, sign up for our mailing list, and even pick up a goody. 🙂

AMB swatch handouts

But wait!  There’s more!  Don’t leave without seeing the American Made Brand Tiny Quilt Challenge exhibit, making its debut at Road to California, this year.  You may remember us featuring the winning quilts here on the Works in the 4 separate divisions- Junior, Applique, Pieced, and Quilting.   Head to Road to California and see this treasure trove of tiny talent up close & personal!


Mark your calendars for Road to California, one of the largest quilt show attractions west of the Rocky Mountains.

Road to California at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, CA, USA 

Thursday January 21, 2016 through Sunday January 24th, 2016.

AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge Winners: Applique Division


We’ve made it to Day 4, the final day of the winner announcements of the Tiny Quilt Challenge sponsored by American Made Brand.  We hope you’ve enjoyed viewing the winning quilts and talented creators who impressed us with their amazing breadth of talent and skills!!  For today’s post, we’re going to honor the winners of the Applique Division.

3rd Place Winner:  Cotton Crop Circles by Linda Hungerford

Inspired by other-worldly visitors? An improvisation-pieced background in various neutral tones presents itself as the perfect backdrop to colorful hand-appliqued circles in various sizes.  Hand-quilting completes this out of this world design!

3rd place applique tiny

2nd Place Winner:  Quilting in the Country by Naida Koraly

Inspired by a favorite quilt shop in Montana, Naida challenged herself to scale down her typical oversized quilting works of art to tiny size.  Here’s her interpretation of the quilt shop hosting a quilt show, displaying quilts on the exterior of the building, set in the idyllic mountain countryside!  Raw-edge applique and free-motion quilting turn this masterpiece into a tiny quilt work of art!

2nd place applique tiny

1st Place Winner:  Heaven’s Kiss by Judy Faulkner

Looks are deceiving in the case of this tiny quilt design.  What appears to be a simple, graphic interpretation of a snowflake is sew much more when peering further into this piece of art.  Inspired by the beauty of nature, Judy took to folded paper and scissors to create her very own Snowflake design.  Embellished with curlicues, this gorgeous design is hand-appliqued and complimented by some very detailed, intricate quilting using rayon embroidery thread.

1st place applique tiny

 Bravo! Bravo! This concludes the winner announcements of the Tiny Quilt Challenge!  Congratulations on your fabulous design work and quilting skills!!  See you at the Road to California show in January!

AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge Winners: Quilting Division-CORRECTION


***Please note, there is a correction for the name of the 2nd Place Winning Quilt for the Quilting Division.  It was incorrectly posted in a previous post with the title ‘American Made’.  The correct title of 2nd Place Quilting Winner Marla Varner’s beautiful quilt is called Calder Inspired.  Scroll down to see the correct title and description!

It’s Day 3 of the winner announcements of the Tiny Quilt Challenge sponsored by American Made Brand.  Today we’ll be honoring the winners of the Quilting Division.  Not only do these tiny quilt pieces exhibit superb quilting design, the pieced designs are equally exquisite!

3rd Place Winner:  Float by Allison Dutton

Modern and graphic, paper-pieced striped feathers float through a breezy background texture created by stunning machine quilting design!

3rd place quilting division

2nd Place Winner:  Calder Inspired by Marla Varner

Inspiration taken from the paintings and sculptures of modern artist Alexander Calder led to this experimental design. Improvisational piecing, free hand cutting techniques, hand applique, and playing with primary colors create a work of art in tiny quilt form.  Impressive hand quilting completes this unique design!

2nd place quilting division

1st Place Winner & GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  Arrow Star by Marla Whalen

A tiny-sized adaptation on a Feathered Star block.  Drafted in Electric Quilt, this Feathered Star block is further complimented by a striking color combination and loads of immaculate machine quilting design.  Well worth the challenge, Marla’s tiny quilt design convinced us to award her the Grand Prize for the Tiny Quilt Challenge! Bravo! We look forward to sending her to see her beautiful piece at the exhibit debut at the Road to California Show in January 2016!

winner 1 with ribbon

 Well done and beautiful work, ladies!!  Tomorrow will be the final day that we highlight the winners of the 4th category of The Tiny Quilt Challenge.  See you here, back at the Works, as we honor the Applique Division winners!

AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge Winners: Junior Quilter Division


Day 2 of the winner announcements of the Tiny Quilt Challenge sponsored by American Made Brand.  Yesterday we announced the 3 winners in the Pieced Division, and today we will honor the 3 winners in the Junior Quilter Division.  For this special category, we were thrilled to open up the challenge to ages 18 and below, as to encourage the next generation of quilters and sewists to show off their amazing talents and skills.  Judging from the following winning entries, I’d say we have a fresh crop of rising stars ready to shine in the quilting world!

3rd Place Winner:  Wacky Spool by Autumn

Crazy piecing forms the design of these ‘thread spool’ blocks, with savvy inspiration taken from an quilt image found on Pinterest.  Framed in light blue to compliment the vibrant color-blocked piecing on the ‘thread spools’,  this lovely design highlights the rich colors found in the AMB cotton solid fabric  palette!

3rd place junior quilter

2nd Place Winner:  Beach by Eve

The quilter’s own interpretation of her love for the ocean!  A border made from crazy piecing in shades of watery blues frames a strip-pieced heart applique.  Crazy quilting adds texture to the heart of this quilt.

2nd place junior quilter division

1st Place Winner:  Morning Sunlight by Willow

A patchwork background in greens, blues, and grays serves as a starting point to highlight the clever clothesline design at the forefront.  An appliqued sun shines down on various articles of rainbow-hued clothing hung out to dry.  Yarn and decorative embroidery stitching in the ditch add yet another layer of interest.

1st place junior quilter division

 Stellar job, ladies and Major Congratulations!!!  Check back tomorrow here on the Works as we show off another round of winners from the Tiny Quilt Challenge!

AMB Tiny Quilt Challenge Winners: Pieced Division


We are pleased to announce the winners of the Tiny Quilt Challenge sponsored by American Made Brand.  A BIG THANKS to all the talented quilters that entered this contest!!  There were a total of 228 quilts registered by 158 quilters competing in the following categories:

Pieced Division

Junior Quilter Division

Quilting Division

Applique Division

Three winners were selected for each category and one winner was selected out of all these winners to be awarded the Grand Prize, making the total number of 13 prizes awarded during the Tiny Quilt Challenge.

Participants registered quilts that were no larger than 15″ x 15″ using the beautiful fabrics from the American Made Brand solids fabric collection by Clothworks.  Entrants who submitted quilts in the challenge originated from 31 states in the USA, as well as 2 Canadian Provinces!  For the next few days, we’re going to honor the winners in each of the 4 categories by highlighting the winning quilts in a blog post for each division.  All winning quilt submissions from the Tiny Quilt Challenge will be part of the 40 total quilts shown at the Tiny Quilt Exhibition debuting in January 2016 at the Road to California Quilt Show.  We’re excited to send the Grand Prize winner of the Tiny Quilt Challenge to sunny, warm California to see their winning quilt exhibited in this quilt show!!

Without further ado, let’s honor our Pieced Division Winners in the Tiny Quilt Challenge.  Pieced to perfection, it’s mind-boggling to see the amount of work and technique that was involved in creating quilts in such a small format!

3rd Place Winner:  Check Mark by Beth Shutty

A graphic mini-Bargello style quilt, designed and drafted by Beth to mimic a check mark.  Quilting highlights the movement of this intriguing design!

3rd Place Pieced Division

2nd Place Winner:  Blue Balance by Jenny Wagner

Tiny log cabin blocks inspired by the balance of color found in nature.  Foundation piecing, pieced  by machine, complimented by hand quilting create an exquisite down-to-earth design!

2nd Place Pieced Division

1st Place Winner:  Star of Bethlehem by Julie LaDuke

Miniature-scale replica, masterminded by Julie, inspired by the color and design of a lone star quilt found in a Better Homes & Gardens Patchwork Quilting book from 1977.  Breath-taking design complete with 32 paper-pieced star wedges and Y-seams!

1st Place Pieced Division

Brilliant job & Congratulations, ladies!  Stay posted for another round of Tiny Quilt Challenge winners in the next post here on the Works!